msr on front page of MOD website

Moustache & white T shirt? Yeah - I guess you don't scrub up bad.

Better than that balding speccy-twat kneeling down in front of you. :wink:


War Hero
msr... stop blowing your own Trumpet!!!

(see what i did there!!!)

Get the crate in!!!
"Winning consent among the local population..." my arrse!
You've just booked him for riding his bike on the pavement.


War Hero
I take it you weren't at Norman Road last Friday then?
OK I give up, which one are you, the one with the rubber bandage on your head, the one with the sponsored hair loss or the one with the bicycle ??
Is that your right or our right ?

I never realised you were so busy in the suburbs of Birmingham, still it keeps you busy and makes you feel responsible (ish).


Funny, nothing like I thought at all.
So how was your day out beyond the wire...I knew you couldnt have a busy job, for being on this site so much, now I know.

Stay lucky
Why's there no black nasty across your eyes, and where's you face bush?

You've fallen in my estimations, msr. :)



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