MSPs getting the go for an airgun "ban"

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by smudgegs, Nov 23, 2009.

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    It was on the news earlier and all the talk was ban, not licence. If/when it happens here they'll do it in England and then they'll be trying for the rimfires/shotguns/full bores :x

    If anyone feels like writing to their MP's, papers, MSP's, or indeed joining/renewing their BSAC membership now is probably a good time...

    Going for a drink now, the lies peddled by our "elected representatives" really sicken me sometimes :x

    (edited for mong spelling..)
  2. Why they go on about Scotland having a special problem with airgun when airgun crime in Scotland per capita is lower than in England remains a mystery!
  3. Exactly - we prefer to knife people up here! :twisted:
  4. Smoke and mirrors mate, same as all the Met's "converted" Brococks that turned out to be, what was it, a statistical error iirc, but by the time that came out the ban was in place so never mind eh? :roll:

    Safer that way really, I mean all you apparently needed to convert one was a machine shop capable of replacing the barrel and re-manufacturing the back end of the pistol and it *probably* wouldn't blow up in your hands :roll: Or as they now know as handgun crime goes through the roof you can just buy the real thing as it's simpler cheaper and more reliable, and illegal is illegal so from the scrotes point of view who cares :x

    As usual this has nothing to do with fact and everything to do with politics. (Why isn't there a "smiley" for sickened?)
  6. I think rather that people were using lathes to make cartridge shaped sleeves, which enabled .22LR to be fired in them.
  7. Could well be, but the weapons I examined had the hole at the end of the cartridge enlarged to take primers and blanks.

    But we both seem to agree the classification change was a result of altered ammunition and not altering the construction of the weapon.
  8. This has a lot more to do with sly, cynical press and a lot of stupid people who have no knowledge or understanding of the current legislation.
    The daily sh*t (record) always quotes the incident where a little boy in Glasgow was shot and killed with an airgun. What it fails to mention is that the scrote that carried out the shooting was shooting at members of the public and had in fact shot at the Fire brigade some time before the incident. If he had been reported, as he should have been by the 'concerned' public he would have been looking at five years inside for discharging a firearm in a public place. Interestingly the same public that made such a hue and cry after the event did nothing to stop him...until it was too late.

    How the plod will ever be able to police this if it comes to pass is beyond me. Another potential piece of unneeded and not thought through legislation: just like the freedom to roam Scotland act.
  9. This could not be enforced by the Police and I would like to think that ACPOS (Association of Chief police Officers Scotland) have advised the 'Scottish Government' of this fact.

    Before they can make bold statements like 'bans' they need to think about all the money that would have to be spent in compensation for anyone stupid enough to 'surrender' their air weapon (thought we were in a recession) if it is brought in.

    Also what about air pistols for sport (Olympics etc), the strain on Firearms licensing when every law abiding owner of an air weapon subsequently applies for a Section 1 certificate for a .22 for vermin control.

    I could go on as could the rest of people who have common sense could!!!

    Muppets the lot of them!!
  10. It would be mindwateringly pointless as unrestricted ownership would continue south of an open border.....
  11. But of course mindwatering stupidity has not prevented legislation in the past... 8O

    As for the Brockock ban, sorry if I was misinformed, the conversion I saw listed was a "proper job" and had a replacement barrel and largely re-manufactured frame, almost looked safe to fire... putting a live round through an unmodified pistol (I have one myself) would frankly frighten me, I shouldn't imagine you could do it very often (once?!) before it burst and maimed your hand :eek: But then crims are often noted for their willingness to do stupid things :roll:
    Regardless of my poor choice of example, the fact remains, those who want to ban all private weapon ownership see banning airguns as a "good start" and a ban in Scotland as the obvious forerunner to a UK wide ban, which then lets them look at live weapons :x
    We stand together now imho, or we might as well all take up knitting :x
  12. Practically all my firearms are held for "deer / fox / vermin" etc for the simple reason that I want to keep them when target shooting is banned.

  13. Absolutley, why the f1ck do you want to shoot paper. You look at all the agro the shooting world has had, ie - Dunblane, Hungerford and even recentley in the press that mad yank, it's all been "Target"/"Paper" boys belonging to clubs and ******* around with stuff they got no idea about. It's a feckin power trip to show your mates. "Look what ive got, i can blow your head off with this" Your all fricken mad!! And then you get the hump that they want to ban Firearms and air rifles. Dry your eyes and deal with it, it's comin, if you like it or not, and it's coming because of the lack of weapon discipline, in the home, and out and about, from the pracks on the range. End of chat!
  14. Are you on drugs? :?

  15. YEEEEEEEP :eek: