MSP under fire over fat, dumb methadone users remarks

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hat20, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. Seems someone at last has got it right,not surprising the bleedin hearts brigade are bleating about his comments.
    'A SENIOR Conservative politician was criticised yesterday after claiming many drug addicts were sitting "fat, dumb and happy" on methadone'
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  2. Truth hurts - parasites.
  3. Why do people get criticised for telling the truth? Bloody dogooder brigade needs a fkcuing good kicking.
  4. Can't see anything wrong with his comments if you ask me.

    The whole point of treatment is to get people of the sh1t. If they were still on the stuff for a long period of time it ain't working

    More to the point Methadone is addictive if given repeatedly, and can give similar effects as Heroine. Not to mention other side effects like stomach ulcers, constipation, swelling of body parts and crash weight gain. Seizures and chronic headaches also feature.

    So "Fat, Dum and happy" fits (fat because of the weight game, dum because they are stupid enough to take drugs in the first place, happy becasue they are the happy pills).


    They have 6 months to ween themselves off the sh1t, then they get locked in a room. Not allowed out until 10 weeks later, when they've stopped climbing the walls.

    Then a period of retraining, rehabilitation and education. With a daily CDT. Fail CDT, back in hole you go druggy.

    Works for me.
  5. well they got the 'dumb' bit right! Leaving it where a 2 year old can find it is about as dumb as it gets! And thats giving the benefit of the doubt and assuming it was accidental......

    Child 2 dies of methadone poisoning

    Two men have been arrested after a two-year-old boy was believed to have died from an overdose of the heroin substitute methadone.

    His brother, three, is in a stable condition and a four-month-old boy was treated as a precaution, police said.
  6. As so often occurs, there is a lack of clear thinking here. Druggies need cheap heroin, and heroin is cheap on the Pakistan/Afghan border. The cost of living is cheap on the Pakistan/Afghan border, so it would cost less to maintain them there. The weather is also a lot nicer, so after they have poisoned themselves, they can go and sit in the sun all day. So why not send all the druggies to the Pakistan/Afghan border with a small daily stipend and let everyone benefit?
  7. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I do like your logic :D Sadly common sense like this will never take place..
  8. I've never met a fat methadone user. Every junkie I've seen is as skinny as a rake. Clearly the MSP was talking bollox and is deservedly criticised.

    Unless he get's his facts right, the MSP best get used to being criticised. Fat junkies indeed, how ridiculous.
  9. And yet.....


    Centre for Addiction and Mental Health website.


    From Discoveryhouse, the centre for rehabilitation and hope (fcuk knows who these people are but I like the rehab and hope bit).
  10. Well, he also called them "dumb". And not even you can argue with calling a junkie stupid... :roll:
  11. FuckMe!!! Who would have thought? First thoughts would be that junkies aren't taking their methadone, but that's clearly bollox. I can only guess that junkies just don't eat.
  12. About time someone called it straight. Fat, skinny whatever.
    12 million pounds of our taxes were wasted last year in Scotland alone "helping" these waste of space Junkies.
    What was the marvellous success rate:- 3% , 3 fukcin percent!!!
    Where are the Germans with those specially adapted ablutions when you need them?
  13. I completely agree with the gentleman. The encouragement of drug addiction is pointless and hugely damaging, and there is a roll call of dead children to testify to this. Drug addict parents should not be allowed to conceive children (contraceptive implant) or - heaven forbid - to look after them.

    The reporting of the latest death does not convey the wanton neglect of these "parents".

    This is a medicine bottle:


    I have a similar bottle, larger, full of Zantac (liquid) for my baby daughter's reflux. I would be astounded if methadone was not supplied (when not swigged down the chemist) in a similar bottle.

    The key feature is a child-proof top. I would never leave a bottle lying around but I doubt a toddler could open it.

    This means the feckless negligent addicts have been leaving opened bottles of methadone around, or storing it in other unsafe containers.

    This is not some tragic "accident", it is negligence and fecklessness of the most appalling degree, perpetuated by useless social services. This is what killed those children. :evil:
  14. Why on earth are children left with druggie (L)users who are on methadone?
  15. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    If it keeps them sitting on a smelly sofa watching daytime TV rather than screwing my car or mugging my Mum, it gets my vote.