MSP snubs Queen to read e-mails

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CavalryCaptain, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. Now I do not know about the rest of you but I am boiling mad over this one.

    Leaving aside whether she is a 'repooblicant' or not, there is basic bloody manners. If she is that morally upset about it why doesn't she resign her seat and go to France. Also, I recollect that all MSPs had to swear an oath of allegiance before taking up their seats (all that nonsense with Scottish Socialists writing baby words on their hands etc) so perhaps we have grounds for prosecuting her for treason or swearing false oaths.

    Anyway I have found her email address and am off to tell her just what I think of her.....

    Parliament Office E-mail:

    I am raging :x :x
  2. Silly cow. The Queen is her Queen too, and even if Scotland got independance, the Queen would still be rightful 'Queen of the Scots'.
  3. Oh yes, and the Queen clealry feeling sh1t with the cold struggled all the way up to give her speach when half of the lazy tw@ts were not even there! :x
  4. It is about time that we gave Scotland the independence they keep harping on about. However make no bones about it, this should be a one way deal. Only then will we fully prove that the rest of UK has been supporting the over inflated living standards that Scotland enjoys.

    Get the wall rebuilt! 8O
  5. Talk about biting the hand that feeds.
  6. Well it took her ten years to put in appearance. They probably got bored.
  7. Sixty

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    Calm down dear, you're going to do yourself a mischief.

    Imagine that eh, as statistically unlikely as it seems, there's not a single republican in the Army? Or did they pragmatically shrug their shoulders, swear the oath and crack on?
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

  9. Get off the fence and say what is in your heart :lol:
  10. According to the Beeb she has visited the Scottish Parliament 6 times since devoloution - 3 in present accomodation and 3 when using the Church of Scotland place on the Mound.
  11. Oh chaps, the Royal Colonel is coming to review you, present guidon, etc...any one who will be 'moving office', 'opening a fecking path', etc please let me know so I can mark you down as away.....

    Do not think so
  12. Fcuk 'em off.

    They want devolution, fine. They can keep Scotland going on their own whilst we built a huge moat and wall.
  13. Don't panic. I have it on good authority that major changes in the Barnett formula are in the pipeline. It seems that they'll still be in the pipeline after the election - whoever ends up in No 10.

    I can see wee Alex and his mates becoming devout Anglophiles when they don't have enough cash to pay themselves their expenses. And they can get off the national grid too if they won't allow new nuclear power stations to be built in Scotland. Let's see how Alex gets on with trying to deep fry all those mars bars using power from a windmill on the roof.
  14. In 2005 I was on a MAC-C task up near Glenlivet (when I was still OTC) and we decided to go to the local highland games. Whilst on a wander around the various stands and stalls I came upon an SNP stall, they were giving out beer mats and other articles which read something along the lines of 'Fed up of being soaked? Scotland has send £28 billion south since 1978 Vote SNP' As far as i'm aware, not sure of exact figures but doesn't the UK government send well in excess of £10 billion north EVERY year!

    If the scots want independence, they can have it. I'm part jock but i'm getting hacked off with some of the SNP's frankly racist attitudes towards England. Let's see how well they get on without the rest of the Union, rebuild the wall and watch them suffer the consequences of their actions, because its not worth a civil war to keep them in the Union (similiar to the Americans).

    Here's some historical perspective Scots go it alone
  15. Probably - but I'd still like smack the ugly English MSP bitch in the face for disrespect - and playing politics, which she was (to the homegrown audience!)