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  1. Hello,

    Had a look through, but can't find any information on joining the RAMC as an MSO...I've already sent the recruiting folks an e-mail, but am wondering if anyone can give me an details on the job or direct me to where I can fnid some!


    Tsar Nick
  2. The MSO recruiting bod is based in Camberley, I'll dig his number out for you. PM me if you want more (unbiased) info.
  3. if you want some biased, bitter and twisted info contact myself, Foxy, venty and the rest who post here :wink:

  4. sorry to say it, but I think we enough TFIs in the Corps as it is. I was chatting to one the day who came through the DE route and his only motivation to joining the Corps was because, statisically, he had a better chance of making 1*. I'd be the first to agree though, that some of our home-grown MSOs are non-swimmers, but hey, better the devil you know!

    Have you thought about the AGC?
  5. He's not a TFI.
  6. What the hell are you talking about?
  7. you dont know? and you want to be a MSO!!! youve a long way to go young skywalker.
  8. damn and blast - I was enjoying being on my soapbox!!
  9. Feel free to PM me, too, if you want more info. I'm not quite as jaded as the others - comes of being a youngster. I was Direct Entry from RMAS, too.

  10. I have looked at a number of MSO RAMC jobs (and applied), and was assured that these posts are open to all, but being an ex-officer would improve my chances enough to actually get a foot in the door!

    Forget the written guidelines.................get a commission, finish the army, then apply for an MSO post! That should help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  11. What ARE you on about?