MSO Bielefeld

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Jun 18, 2009.

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  1. It's been some years now since the old Mixed Service Organisation folded.

    A bunch of assorted Eastern Europeans who did not want to be repatriated to their former homes after WW2 they were recruited into the MSO as labourers, drivers etc, and formed sub-organisations such as the MCTG/MCLG. I remember I used to think of them as taciturn, uncommunicative old buggers, but in hindsight, I was simply seeing things through typically biased young soldier's eyes. In retrospect, a generally good bunch of blokes providing valuable admin sp to BAOR.

    They were also known as mojos, a term which was used in a mainly derogatory sense. In addition, certainly in the 70s', I seem to remember a popular catchphrase used by soldiers when pleading ignorance or stupidity - this phrase was 'MSO Bielefeld'. Hence - "You're a fuckwit, Pte Bloggs" "MSO Bielefeld sarge".

    Good times - wonder what became of all these blokes.
  2. Yeah, you're spot on there with regards to the MSO, as young lads we probably didn't always treat them with a lot of respect, however, there was one who worked in the cookhouse in Hameln, a local, who had a hump on his back who cleared tables with a vengeance and sometimes while you were still bloody eating, always had a scowl on his face too, we all referrred to him as " Herman The German "
  3. Some time back I was looking into one of these chaps and Markintime found this, warrants a repeat post:
    RIP old man
  4. PM,

    Thanks for posting that about Stan - very humbling. Lesson there somewhere - something about not making assumptions about people.
  5. I have fond memories of the Mojo Antar drivers who used to haul us up and down to Saltau and Hohne. As the junior officer in the sqn, I was often dicked to go with our dvrs on the Antars. The biggest problem was communication. Often, you´d stop for the night in a wood. The Mojos would crack on with their well established field drill, that usually involved copious quantities of vodka. We´d generally get our heads down on the back decks of the chieftain if the weather was OK, but the old Mojo would generally start the engine and roll out without waking us! Quite a shock. Oh, you can´t say we didn´t have it tough in the cold war.
  6. Quote- Accounts of the Warsaw Rising which began in August that year describe some of his activities under his pseudonym of “Stach”.

    8O Christ on a bike!!!! His pseudonym has got to be a by word for Nails now!

    I dont claim to know too much about the so called MOJO's but i know some of the Tank Transporter sweats used to speak quite highly of them. If this gent is typical of them, we were lucky to have them.
  7. They used to support HQ 1(BR) Corps when we deployed to the field, and on my first ex the RSM (a gunner) said, indicating to them, that no matter how hard I tried, I would never be as comfortable, as dry or as well sorted out as the MSO guys. Most of them had been doing it for 40 years plus. Great guys, just don't upset them!