Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by E-Layer, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. Sorry to run home to mummy (the Corps) but I can't seem to find another forum that fits IT type questions.

    I've been on MSN tonight but had to end the conversation because the smileys/emoticons/icons etc typed by the other party did not show up at all.

    trying to make sense of

    " would BLANK to take you upstairs and BLANK you"

    was getting a tad frustrating.

    Can anyone help.

    Cheers :?
  2. try and upgrade to windows live messanger that may help, that sort of issue is often related to incompatable versions of msn
  3. If you want a geeky forum go to tech net
  4. Which is???

    DNAR - sorry mate, already on IM - just used to calling it MSN.

  5. I will have to guess you have got zonealarm imsecure on your pc, it has been a problem with them for ages and no fixfrom them yet
  6. CC I think you may have just hit the nail on the head............don't like the sound of the no-fix option though.......

  7. Are you using MSN Messenger Version 7.5 or greater or lesser.

    Open MSN go to Help on the top menu then click on About MSN
    the details will be there.
  8. Version 8.0 mucker......
  9. Thanks HH but I've done the boxes and I uninstalled and downloaded/reinstalled earlier this evening - no joy. I do have Zonealarm Security Suite though and Canteen Cowboy said this is an issue...........
  10. I've just googled "Zone Alarm + MSN" and got this which seems to be what i was after.

    Thanks all


  11. :D :D :D :D

    I might be Corps through and through HH but're having a giraffe :D

    think I'll just get my buddies onto it.

    Cheers for your help
  12. I have an issue with this down in the fallys as the connections are so slow down here, but ahve seen it a few times

    a) They aren't in your contacts list so just to annoy you MSN refuses to load t hem

    b) your connections being slow

    the only easy way to double check what they said is right click on the gap and click add, as that will tell you waht they typed to get that emote
  13. E-Layer
    Just quickly disable zone alarm and do the windows firewall thingy.
    My kids have no probs with this. (Have just consulted with sibling
    and has no probs with MSN Live0