MSN / Windows messenger nicks

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Aunty Stella, Jun 7, 2003.

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  1. it has been mentioned to me by others on here via PM that arrse has no facility to list MSN or Windows messenger nicks so that others can bug you with mindless drivel without the rest of the world listening in.

    Seen as both have a "block" facility, meaning that I can filter people like NIMN immediately, what are the thoughts on publishing them as part of your profile or on here, on this forum?

    I have no objections as I just like to abuse people ;D

    Max abuse please ;D ;D ;D
  2. Don't listen folks, its just a ply to lure you in to his peado ring.

    He will send you piccies of him impaled on various objects while wrapped in clingfilm with a flex round his neck
  3. You seem to have a bit of experience in this field, Mdn? ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D :p
  4. Jeez....don't you lot sleep?

  5. Sleep is for sleepy people

    You can do that when you are dead ;D
  6. Could be useful, and as you say, the filters allow you to effectively control who uses your msm link, mine is

  7. You guys are going to get flooded with you get the "Ive got 32 million etc etc"

  8. Nobody cares, get out of the NAAFi you civvy puff ;D
  9. Don't care, I forward them all to MDN anyway, especially the gay porn and tranny ones  ;D
  10. Interesting.........
    Never know whats coming in your e-mail........ ;)
  11. Like I never noticed, thanks to certain members on here I am now a fully paid up member of the following

    the list is endless, many thanks chaps, just what I need when I turn my pc on is a picture of two snappers nibbling each others bloodsticks, and a load graoning as they get thier claypits stuffed........ :mad: :mad:
  12. MDN - I was invited, jealous because it wasn't you?   ::) ;D ;D ::)   (wot, did the invitin')  :-/
  13. Jealous of a pen pushing, dest sucking, jotter blotter, with a note from matron for botty cream, I think not. ;D

    If you are to stay, be quiet and sit in the corner, facing the wall, and only talk when you are asking what we would all like to drink next.

    Final popint, Stop loitering around the gents bogs, you'll find no trade there
  14. MDN, surprise !!  The same thing is happening to me.  Someone is subscribing my ARRSE C/S to various websites containing nakid men, singlies clubs and perversion.  Don't mind the nakid blokes, but singlies clubs..............