MSN Help please!!

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by padme, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. I have a slight problem getting into msn chat , since i downloaded AVG 8.0!
    When i try to log into msn chat , the trouble shooter tells me there is a problem with my firewall setting!
    But i'm the first to admit that computers are a mystery to me , and i haven't got a clue how to change the settings. So if anybody could help me with that it would be appreciated!!

  2. Hi Padders try this

    go to your control panel

    select performance and maintenance

    then select system restore

    go back to the day before you installed the software on your computer or where it says restore my computer to an earlier time, and select the day before you installed the software, this should remove the avg and restore your settings as they were

    hope it helps :D
  3. Thanks rattler ,that's actually the last option. I paid 40 quid for the AVG so don't really wanna get rid of it!
  4. you dont have to get rid of it, hopefully all you do is roll back the system to the last working point and try again or look at your options, before you reinstall. what firewall do you have, maybe you can tweak it a bit pre install?

  5. spike7451

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  6. Thank you Spike
  7. spike7451

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    Your wecome,
  8. actually just tried it again and i get the error code 80072efd if that helps?
  9. I've AVG - excellent anti - virus software

    but the Fireswall is Sh*t!! - turn it off!!

    when I upgraded to AVG 8.0 it gave me an option if i wanted their firewall

    I ticked 'NO'

    I use 'Zone Alarms' firewall or you could use windows Firewall if you wish

    (incidently I was reading somewhere that firewalls are not really needed any more as the hackers don't use the routes firewalls 'block' anymore
    Most harmful attacks come attached to another file - ie picture or screensaver files

    8.0 also has a tool call web shield - I disabled that too
    (slowed my internet down !!)

    AVG will still 'ping' any files that try to 'open' and/or oparate on your computer.
  10. Wohoo i'm in ,thanks Cayote!
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  12. No worried padme,

    When you get a minute see if you can configure your web shield to allow the programs you want I'm sure this is a good bit of kit -
    it's just that i can only get 56K internet link - max (live in the sticks)
    so I 'binned' it
  13. spike7451

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  14. spike7451

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    MMMmmmm....ARRSE acting up again?
    Glad you're in padme