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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Murielson, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. MODs please reposition as required (not sure where to post).

    Had a request (shy lady) to ask all who share or may wish to share addresses in MSN to put something in your MSN display name to ID your ARRSE username on MSN.

    Can sympathise with this one as I have loads of ARRSE addresses in my address book and not certain who they all are. Initials or something similar would suffice - just something to ID ARRSE callsign.

  2. PMSL at shy lady!!!!

    Although it is a good idea, otherwise you find yourself doing what I did tonight and culling everyone in your address book because you have no idea who they are.
  3. I agree, but if people in my MSN address book cannot suss out "Dale" they need to try "Fat Bloke from Eastenders" reading lessons.

    Anyway, if they want to contact you they will.

    Murielson, I have saved what you wrote in chat tonight to the laydies. I expect flowers on my desk by nine.
  4. Dale - not all of us have easily identifiable MSN addresses like you and I.

    Publish and be damned by the way - flowers my ARRSE!!
  5. Back to the top for info
  6. good point... i actually did have a mass msn cull not so long ago, and lost loads of peeps through not having a bloody clue as to who is who, thought oddly, didn't lose many from here!

    oh,and i'm Beanz :wink: