Msm & ls&gc

After a bit of advice. I'm having a sort out at home and came across these medals which I recall buying from some dealer at an antique fair. Only really bought them as they were sat there all lonesome and were named to an RE. They are GV MSM and VR (???) LS&GC and, although bearing the same name, not sure if they are for the same person? I'm not a collector so have little knowlege or interest in medals so want to get rid (hopefully for a price!)

LS&GC named 9595. SERG. W. THOMSON R.E. (The number is a little worn, might be 9555???)

Have tried researching them but to no avail, and not being a collector don't want to start signing up to websites that I will have no future interest in. Anyone able to get any background on these or give a valuation either as a pair or separately, would be appreciated.



£300-£400 for the MSM, £80-100 for the LS&GC. These are the prices from 2013 Medal Book, the pair would add some to the value. The Medal Forum will give info on the pair but they rarely value medals on there. Infact they lock the threads.
Cheers Ventress and Danny, I shall visit the medal forum and see if I can get info on Sgt Thomson RE.

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