Discussion in 'REME' started by Army_Rizzle, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. Any of you fine gentlemen (and ladies) ever had any dealings with the MSCLB (MTI) Board. I grasp the basics of the board, class 1 at trade, recomended full screws and above and a recomendation on your SJAR for instructor duties. How are they grading people? Seems to be a bit of pot luck wether your get it or not still. Also slightly dissapointing to see last years Board had 1 TSS, I imagine this is still to do with maning issues.
  2. I beleive grading is conducted in a similar fashion to the promotion boards. Initial filter for eligibility/recomendation /class 1/ PPT/ volunteer, etc. Then board sits for leadership/potential/Military skills/fitness/AT skill and general suitability as MTI. Employability board then sits after grading all candidates. candidates selected for both MSCLB and ASCLB - Artificer Selection takes presidency. TSS tend not to br loaded as perhaps it was/remains a PPT.

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  3. I suppose natrually then my next question is how would I go about finding out if TSS is a pinch point trade. Information about my trade has always been hard to come by as nobody seems to know whats going on. I remember asking questions once at the roadshow and was met with blank expressions by the staff. A million awnsers to questions about any other trade, but nothing for TSS.
  4. That question can be asked by any Officer and SNCO attending the REME Conferences in UK towards the end of this month (or Germany in Sept). Stats for all CEG's are likely to be talked about during this period (likely T3 also). Certainly the right people will be there to ask.

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  5. Did a bit of digging and came up with this:

    So the awnser to my question is no.
  6. I've asked a similar question on the roadshow a few times. ...It seems that TSS Juniors should just be called tech stmn because there is no (standardized) career progression pathway on the G7 side. By the time they reach Cpl there are a lot of demotivated stores wallahs who have skill fade on the mil skills side as they've generally provided real time g4 support to any exercises and they're then reticent to move out of the stores comfort zone (I'm speaking generally, I realise there are exceptions). I wonder what a cynic would make of that?

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  7. Sounds like me nanking, now a fullscrew, in another posting where there is no chance of doing anything other than G4. Makes me want to go to a battalion to be honest, oppurtunitys are avaliable as there is more than 1 of you there!