Msc Medical Engineering

I know it's a long shot, but has anybody completed Masters in MedEng? I'm approaching this from BEng Mech aspect for the design of intergrated prosthesis, specifically Osseointergration and permanent bioelectric interfaces.
Any help would be appreciated or if anybody would like to share their knowledge/experience of Bionics we could open a new thread in the Tech Forum.
Your right, it was a long shot but it hit. I finished the MSc in Clinical Engineering from Cardiff Uni 2008. Happy to help but I am from the electronics side of the trade. Have you tried the EBME website? If your Army Med and Dent I know a couple of guys still in at MDSS Bielefeld are on the course currently. By the way if you are Med and Dent you may know me. I am the ex Scots DG transferee that left 3 years ago.
I'm not from the medical profession originally, I started my BEng with specific intent to specialise in Aerospace. I was lured into the field, you know how it goes, a presentation from Livingstone based Touch Bionics, the odd example of medical devices introduced in each module, stents, myocardial devices, the list goes on. The idea of Engineering solutions to medical problems became a very real prospect. I find the idea of being able to rebuild a broken body with technology incredibly interesting and a little exciting.
About 18 months ago I started to get a bit perturbed with the seeming backwardness of treatment supplied to our injured troops and by the NHS as a whole. Factors such as bone overgrowth and hypersensitivity preventing prosthetic attachment, I remembered seeing a report from UCL and a quick web search brought up this story from 2006 BBC NEWS | Health | 'Bionic' limb breakthrough made a further search found a report from a clinical trial carried out for replacement fingers and thumbs . At the moment there is an ongoing clinical trial in Germany for a fully intergrated prosthetic arm, a real 'Bionic' as we imagine them via sci-fi. So there is no real excuse apart from lack of investment for a poor service.
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