Msc mba shirivenham, defence academy

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mrzimbabwe, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. Several years ago, I applied for the MMP, however funding was stopped so it never came of anything. However, I was given information that similair course are offered by Shrivenham. The Defence Academy website states that several post graduate courses (including msc programme and project management) are centrally funded for MOD personnel. I have approached my unit about persuing this post graduate study, there are extreamly supportive, however - there seems to be a lack of knowledge where the application goes next, there is an application form on the website, but it asks to confirm source of funding - does this have to be applied for separately before hand from a different source.

    Has anybody completed one of these courses and have the information that could help please.
  2. Im doing a MSc in aviation through the DACMT. It was simply a case of emailing (for me) the DACMT. As a serving soldier you are eligible for a funded place, should only need a line manager autograph for it. I did APM P too and didnt cost me a penny. Should be contact info on the DA website