MSA/DLO or whatever its called these days!!!

Right folks, its happened and MSA is no more.

So far I am holding out on my opinion to see how it goes, but so far it doesn't look good.

Is it just "bedding in" problems or is it much worse :?:

So good idea or pile of crape?

From what I am hearing the problems are quite serious, but as with most changes that are not thought out so well, it will improve eventually, it will have to or people will begin to suffer and the new SOS will be answering the odd PQ on medical logistics and why its so shite at the moment.

Anyway the problems are all the end users fault and not the systems!!
Since it came on line and I explained the importance of what we need why we need it when we need it etc. the new stafff said yes it will be sorted just a teething problem, result a few eeeks later mayhem back orders cancelled without being told, dues out lists scrapped, NSN's get changed, unit of issue changed, and it is the fault of nobody!!! Result the would be end user gets constant grief and called accused of incompetence. How I miss the old Med Stores and the old Med Storeman always did as requested then got drunk.
Yes I remember drinking was a top sport of most med storemen, in fact in most units I have served in the storeman was always the man to have on your side for the third half!!
I have been hearing some disturbing stuff on med supply etc, change of NSN UOI etc etc, one unit ordering 200 syringes only to receive 54,000!!!
Or not getting any kit at all, any other horror stories abounding now the RLC / DLO have taken on the supply role?
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