MS- Why officers bang on about this but cant get it right

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 18yrs_on, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. Recently having many disputes with some officers at current unit I find that they chunter on about Career management and the need to look after the soldiers.
    I totally agree but find that these individuals who form the hierachy need a boot *********** from the middle management to get the job done.
    Why must I incesently have to keep reminding them to get Mid years done and CR's but only to have people getting them late.
    I for one was due a Mid year at the beginning of March and still waiting,
    Captain's should be put in a cupboard and leave the job to SSgt's.
    Is this a Corps wide proficy or just where I'm at?
  2. It's over the board mate.
  3. 18yrs on, where are you at ? . im sure that its corps policy not to sort out soldiers careers! full screws in my unit are still waiting for there!!!
  4. Waiting for my CR but raised the point about no MYA. Told to wind my neck in by troopy and got told running the troop was none of my business! True, but where is the care of duty and taking an active interest into your own career???
  5. the active interest will be filling in your PDR i think mines got skipped the day i got it ! along with my so called career!
  6. Threesend.
    I find that unacceptable that fullscrews are waiting.
    The MCM Div states that you should look after your own career first but when you add that asking the boss for your report over and over it gets on his tit's.(Does this effect your report I bet it does).
    Do people find that asking their immediate superior's(rank wise not usually intelligence as experience has taught us) for support that they are more concerned with the brown nose effect it has on their reports.
    Well this issue is a difficult one and one that will haunt me for the next four years but as long as I have a back bone I'll keep asking.
    As for you Yes_sir.
    Dont sign to say that you have had a MYA on your report your within your rights.
    MCM Div should notice this and respond to the unit asking why you didnt recieve one. As for your Troopy well a good SNCO should take him in tow and teach him to speak when spoken to like all good children.
  7. we have been told that we can have our when we return from easter leave . it is not man management at its best we all know that ,more like crisis management!.oh we are on itds that week also !
  8. Better still, whatever you disagree with on your CR....just say

    "well how the fcuk was I supposed to know I wasn't performing, surely you could have told me this on a mid-term"

    ..........'tis the whole point of a mid-term matey
  9. But once it's written it's hard to change and a bit late to readjust your performance to gain any promotion prospects if thats what you want.

    Too many careers go down the drain for good hard working guy's cos the system isnt used to its fullest.
    Too many people gracing this army have the attitude that look after number one and too hell with the rest, where's that team ethos.

    No ones listening until you make a mistake.
  10. Agreed agreed.
    Succintly yes
    Rank yes
    But when the little cnut fook's away on holiday for three weeks well that's that.
    The question was is this a corps wide occurrence, I quite happily poke at them as after 18 yrs I feel that we as a team are letting people down and seriously would like people to take on a more involved attitude which will constitute to making this place a better place to live in.

    Never make your self irreplaceable, if you cant be replaced you cant be promoted.

    Never mind that Mary, just switch off the TV and get the fook into bed.
  11. Have to go now wife says its bed time.
    Write one my self have done that before.
    Unfortunately wife complains about the bright light emitting from my arse when shes trying to sleep.(If you get the pun)
  12. Rather than redressing an ACR, it is possible to submit a letter of representation, in the form of a “Complaint not amounting to redress”. The soldier in question writes a formal letter to the Commanding Officer, stating their complaint (no Mid-Year Assessment/ACR late etc.), this letter will then be attached to the ACR. The reporting officer, to which the complaint relates, will have the opportunity to respond to the complaint; in turn the complainant can then respond to the response, and so on and so forth.

    Should the CO and MCM Div receive a significant number of complaints all relating to one particular reporting officer, hopefully this would highlight the issue.
  13. Another full screw here still waiting for his CR, Mid Years? Do we still get them? :? :? :?
  14. Supposed to mate, according to legend. I'm still waiting for my CR (which needs to be on the board in about 2 weeks apparently), obviously I'll just have to wait another year for the board.
  15. Or your CR :wink: