MS Vista SP1...

Should be auto updating via Windows update in Mid March apparently...

Can't wait, hope it gets put back again because it's going to cause more problems than it solves.
I bought a new desktop for my other half that came with vista. It seems to be fine on there, she doesn't do much more than surf the net and office things.

I'm still wary of updating my desktop with it just yet. Far too many things that can go wrong, and lets be honest XP is still a great system, even though I have a fully legal version and it says I don't :roll:
I have SP1 installed, it doesnt mess up anything I run, the only thing I notice is files move quicker when cut and pasting between drives or network locations.
I bought a laptop which had Vista pre-installed but it was such a pain after working for so long with XP, that I deleted it from the machine and loaded XP instead. Much happier now.

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