MS still playing silly with IE.

I thought this one was done and dusted but still it drags on, the IE monopoly. I like to use Opera but on some sites when I want to enter/amend details it's via IE or nothing. I,m weary with the MS attitude, you would assume the company employs only half a PR department, the "Bad PR" half.
Personally I think the EU was wrong on this one. Time has shown that Microsoft's alleged monopoly on web browsing has not killed off browser development. There's more choice in web browsers than ever before what with MSIE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, etc. And I don't think it is unreasonable that an operating system should ship with a built-in free browser as it is now a key function of a personal computer. Why isn't the EU complaining about the Window's calculator or media player, for example? Doesn't Mac OS X ship with Safari?

As for some websites needing Internet Explorer, that's because the website is using specific functions, like ActiveX, available in Internet Explorer, that other browsers haven't developed. Opera, although a lot better now and pretty looking, until fairly recently lagged way behind IE in the most basic features.

My browser of choice is FireFox but what is more annoying for me is developing websites that work properly with all the different browsers, their previous versions, and in a wide range of screen resolutions. All the different browsers display web pages differently and as the browser market fragments, the harder web development becomes.
I am categorically not a Microsoft fan, but this is bonkers. The EU is wasting our money here.

a) For a typical user, Internet Explorer is essential to getting on-line for the first time, and most users stick with it. An operating system that ships without a browser is useless in this day and age.
b) It's not wonderful, but that's not the point of this investigation.
c) Nothing stops a user from adding another browser, such as Firefox, ONCE THEY HAVE FOUND OUT HOW TO USE THE INTERNET.
d) It's free.
e) Mac OS X ships with Safari, which isn't being investigated by the EU.

In fact, an operating system which was purely that had no add-ons would be pretty unappealing. If I had to download every piece of additional software once the OS was instelled I'd be pretty dischuffed. Software like Paint, Notepad, MovieMaker, is all bundled with Windows, is free and perfectly useful, while Mac OS X has iCal, iChat and iTunes added for free. Every Linux distro I have tried comes with additional software (which is double-free really because you don't even pay for the OS!), most with a HUGE amount of the stuff.

I cannot imaging the EU finding against Microsoft in this case. But then again I cannot imagine a pan-national, part-unelected, entirely unaccountable Parliament costing us billions of pounds and providing us with nothing useful. Except for straight bananas.
There is another new browser on the block, it's called flock and is designed on the same platform as firefox.
Yes, it's lovely that new and updated browsers are popping up all the time it's just that MS are now playing the "running interference" game. If it wasn't for anti-monopoly legislation MS would still be on an "aquire or crush" trip. Netscapes Navigator stole a good march on them and it was free but IE ruthlessly killed it. I don't have a problem at all with IE or any browser been packaged with the OS but remember the blatant "we,ve got you by the throat" way it came across. "Thall shalt have no god but MSN".
Will now download Flock and give it a whirl (cheers for that).
And for the recidivists amongst you there is always Maxthon.

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