Ms.Rice: Hamas is a resistance movement.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jan 30, 2007.

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  2. This woman really hasn't got the first bloody clue.

    Stick to something you could do well Ms. Rice, and yes, I will have fries with that.

    If anyone wishes to jump to the evil witch's defence, could they give an example of something she can hail as a success since she came in, either as NSA or since?
  3. I couldn't agree with You more PTP
  4. If Hamas couldn't govern even though they had gone about it the right way and won an election whose fault is that.
    Seems the people over there can have any kind of 'democracy' they want as long as its black.
  5. All they had to do to maintain the funding the US, UN, EU and others were giving them was deceminate six words to their followers and the world at large.

  6. Domestic affairs for the new government were the pressing issues.
    Hamas was elected by the Palestinians for the benefit of Palestinians.
    That demand was a vicious trick to undermine not only Hamas but the young roots of democracy in Palestine.
    All its done has shown the arabs is that democracy imposed from the west is a confidence trick.

    If there had been good will from the west which there wasn't, first you help the Palestinians improve their lives then later come back to the question of recognizing Israel. (which if memory serves decided to become a state inspite of U.N. wishes)

    There is some sort of logic. You can demand that a state recognises another state. But how does it possible if one state doesn't exist?
  8. No country gives a toss about the palestinians, even the arabs countries that give aid do so only because the pals are their proxy bombers of the jews. The arab countries that have given the pals refuge and come to regret it and had to forcibly eject them.

    Any & all "goverment" in pal land are corrupt it was worked out that with all the aid money being pumped into pal land if it was dished out each pal should have received about $100,000 per year.

    The Rice woman was and will never be listened to by any muslim country, women are lower down the scale than a donkey. No arab muslim is going to be told what to do by a black woman.