MS Office 2010 for less than a tenner.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by JD150, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. Cheers JD
  2. Any idea how long you have to wait for the email/download instructions to arrive?
  3. I got mine the same day :D
  4. Ref my last - arrived this am. That's 2 working days; not bad.
  5. It took a couple of days for the link to be emailed to me. I don't actually need it though, as I already have 2010 for free :)
  6. Download Open Office for $0.00

    Why spend a tenner on that M$ guff :?
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  7. I already had the Office 2010 Home & Student (Excel, OneNote, Powerpoint and Word) free upgrade from a previous version of 2007.

    In case it's not clear, this is the Professional Pro 2010 package which also gives you in addition: Access, InfoPath, Outlook, Publisher and SharePoint Workspace. A bargain for £9. [Only one download per MOD user though].
  8. I have 2010 Pro, free, from work, enterprise edition. Also Windows 7 etc
  9. Whenever I try and get this offer through my DII account I can't see how I can take up this offer. I have logged in to the MS site but am then unable to get to the Office 2010 offer. Any tips/thoughts? Thanks in advance.

  10. Have you registered ok? When you logon, are there icons on the left handside? Games and somesuch IIRC?

    Anyway, it's all in there.
  11. Ta, I will have another crack at it when I am back in work on Mon.

  12. WHF. Make sure you log in using IExplorer rather than Mozilla. When I tried with Mozilla the formatting was all to pot yet the same link in IExplorer worked fine.
  13. Does anyone NOT want their copy of Office 2010? I've been out 5 years and don't have access to DII. Would be quite happy to pay the £10, P&P as well as an additional 25 squids to Hols for Heroes!!
  14. How about you give me £10, donate £25 to H4H, and I'll send you a copy of my 2010 pro enterprise edition? :)