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MS Excel help for you thread.

I sell spreadsheets on the side for business users in my {lots of} spare time and also frequent and offer support and solutions on an Excel on-line help forum and so I thought why not offer FREE help to you chaps on Arrse, so fill your boots and ask away. There are a few more closet Excel users on here too that hopefully may join in as well btw.

Many of the questions on the help forum are usually in the realm of what formula{s} do I need to get this result and the answer very often is an example formula or a "you need INDEX(MATCH or SUMPRODUCT" or the like. Easy peasy. Some are a little more complex and require a few hours of R&D and back and forth questions to get an end result that works.

Many efforts to provide a solution on the help site fail because, we are not mind readers, we didn't build your sheet and have no idea where your data is. Therefore a good explanation of the problem is crucial.

The ground rules:

If it goes far beyond a simple question and a simple answer be prepared to make up an example sheet identifying the problem and what end result you are looking for.
PM's may need to be used to provide a current e-mail address for swapping files - confidentially of course.

If anyone serving requires help I will do all I can to assist, point you in the right direction, or even help with a pre-built workable spreadsheet to get you started.

If the sheet has been created wrong in the 1st place it may already be beyond help.

MACROS yes VBA no. VBA can be very spreadsheet specific and can open up a whole new can of worms. I can point you in the right direction though. ie: Google VBA EXCEL HELP.

If you are in the UK the 5hr time zone difference will obviously delay responses.

I don't mind helping anyone but I am not about to create a massive company database encompassing weeks of excel work and testing for nowt ;)

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