MS advice needed please

I'm a Cpl currently serving in a Corps and just after some advice regarding SJAR's, my last SJAR was very good as I had an op insert from 2* and was placed top of my Regt for my trade and 5th overall (this was my 1st look at the board and this years MPAR was good with only negative comment been my IT skills) but I still didn't get selected for promotion but the question I have is I haven't been as active this year for my reporting period so far would i automatically drop from where i was placed in the grading and shading conference from previous year? and would this effect my further SJARS for the next 2 years ? as someone tried explaining to me but not very good in general conversation??
any advice is greatly appreciated
would be useful to know trade and corps? 5th driver in a tpt regt, no chance, 5th supplier in any regt, start saving for your mess kit...i'm sure other capbadges can advise accordingly too...

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