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Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by Kybosh, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. Can anyone shed some light on the following question:

    Does being in zone for promotion go on years in substantive rank I.e 3 years or can it go on 3 SJARs in substantive rank.

    I'm asking because I'll end up with 4 SJARs in rank by Jan 2014 when officially I'm 'in zone' 2015 according to my MPAR.

    Basically I was supposed to of had a delayed SJAR on moving units on promotion, my new unit picked this up instead of my previous unit and it looks to me as though it's counted as my first SJAR in rank and thus I'll end up with an extra SJAR.

    Not sure if this is a mistake, been on the MS website and slightly confused. I don't want to shoot myself in the foot by flagging it up

  2. I believe that it is time served rather than SJARs although you obviously need the SJARs to back up your eligibility/suitability for promotion.
  3. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    You enter the'zone' for promotion as correctly stated on time served, and not on SJAR's as that is the fairest criteria.

    However as also stated you need the SJAR's (with the right recommendations and all the right 'buzzwords' in the write up) to get promoted.
  4. Ok, thanks for the info
  5. NB It is no. of SJARs for TA
  6. Good thing I'm not TA then ; )
  7. Don't know what you are talking about! - TA wise those capbadges who insist on a minimum it is always years in rank!!

  8. Well according to the MS handbook from Glasgow, MSWeb and Armynet, it's number of ARs. Otherwise it penalises TA soldiers who need to miss the occasional certificate of efficiency due to personal circumstances but are otherwise suitable for promotion.
  9. So in my case, because my CoC didn't write an OJAR in 2010, I am one year behind where I should be, needing 5 OJARs in rank to qualify for promotion.

    And it's not a cap badge thing. I can't speak for every regiment but APC Glasgow set the minimum requirements in each rank for promotion across the Army.
  10. Sorry but you are talking tosh!! Using your argument people would miss out as if they haven't done enough MTDs to qualify for bounty they don't require an OJAR/SJAR. Years in rank is therefore much fairer and is as laid down by all capbadges that require minimums - some don't - Glasgow don't dictate an army wide policy, promotion rules are different for each cap badge and are decided by Regt/Corps Directors.
  11. Unless of course the promotion rules I am currently looking at for each cap badge in my unit are figments of my imagination!!
  12. I think you're missing the point-it is considered fairer that ARs are used rather than years in rank so that years where someone doesn't qualify for bounty do not count as a year of service; why should someone have a year counted if they haven't bothered to turn up?

    I can't speak with any authority for OR regulations but I know for a fact that to get promoted to Major in any cap badge requires a minimum of 5 OJARs in Captain's rank as a reservist, or 5(?) years in rank as a regular. The same principle of no. Of ARs applies at every officer rank at least. This is as seen in writing from APC Glasgow (I can't remember the exact document), which I have referred to several times over the past few months. I'm sorry, but whilst I don't know enough about TA OR promotions, you are absolutely incorrect about how this applies to officers.
  13. If you look back to the OP and read all other posts you may notice the discussion was of SJARs therefore pertaining to ORs!!

  14. Was correcting the above. And for TA it is number of CRs regardless of cap badge/rank. If arms and services then add their own extra requirements that is a separate issue. This is fair. Otherwise someone could not turn up for a year and still get promoted the next. Anyway, I don't actually care; I was adding a comment in case any TA referred to this thread.
  15. If you are going to add a comment in case another group of people happen to look at the thread it is best to get your facts straight before you do. Otherwise you just confuse the issue!! As for correcting - I'm sorry but you are simply wrong - I have been in my present post dealing with TA admin- including reports - (now OJAR/SJARS - CRs went out some time ago). Running promotion boards, etc for around 8 years so can post with the benefit of knowing what I am talking about!!!
    I won't be wasting my time posting on this thread again!