Mrs. Wiggins - what a nice lady:

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rabid spaniel, Aug 2, 2012.

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  1. From the Telegraph:

    "Sacrifices? Well not really," says Cath. "As a wife or partner where's the sacrifice in helping your other half fulfil their dreams? And it's not forever, it's short term. It's not like we are a services family who are apart year after year. And they don't earn an Olympic medal for their efforts although they bloody well deserve to. It will be nice to have him back though, we've been holding back but we have got some serious celebrating to do."

    Good on her.
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  2. And good on her husband too.

    A lot of up their own arses footballers should take note of the way he behaved and what he said after his spectacular achievement


    "The thing I am quite adamant that things are not going to change too much, I'm going to try to continue as things were. I mean I lead a pretty normal life like most people and I train hard, I work hard at what I do but ultimately I am very normal in my life aside from cycling. I'm not a celebrity, I will never be a celebrity I don't consider myself a celebrity. I despise that whole celebrity culture. I think this country has become so fascinated with people that become famous for not achieving anything in their lives"
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  3. Bradley seems to share those sentiments, judging by his recent interviews. Looks like a bit of reality and balance, from Cath and her celebrated Olympic gold medalist with his name on British stamps today. Cath Wiggins seems quite a woman judging by previous reports.
  4. I think she should open a pie-shop.
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  5. She has also said v nice things on Twitter
  6. All very well until the cheque book gets opened,and he gets the offers for tv shows,endorsements,the huge advance for his book,his range of clothes, bicycles etc etc
  7. Congratulations to both Mr and Mrs Wiggins for their outstanding achievement. He's done the nation proud, with her supporting him all the way.

    Following on from that, I was watching the womens hockey the other day, GB v Japan, when the captain, Kate Walsh I think she's called, took a Japanese hockey stick full force to her face. She went down like a bag of spuds (unsurprisingly, it was brutal), but got up about 37 seconds later and walked off the pitch under her own steam, with the medic holding an ice pack to her face. No dramas, no mincing about, just straight up and off. Turns out she had a broken jaw and fractured cheek bone, or something like that. Can't help wondering if one of our so-called football 'stars' would have reacted the same way to similar injuries. My bet is on stretchers, gas and air and a medivac chopper landing on the halfway line for the posing tarts. GB won 4-0 in that game. Well done Kate Walsh and Team GB. You do your nation proud.
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  8. You old cynic, you! ;-)
  9. oldbaldy

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    Your too late. The chequebook has been open for Brad for some time. Like Mark Cavendish he's more famous in France & Belgium than the UK (OK that has changed now but you get the drift)
    He's not someone who has burst onto the scene in 2012.
    Bradley Wiggins CBE - MTC
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  10. With a reputed wage of around £1.5m pa, not including his sponsorship monies, I don't think he need worry about the future
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  11. Who is paying him?
  12. Just a wild guess, his Team?
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  13. Team Sky, who he rides for
  14. I believe she is intending to play again in the tournament if the team get through the group stages.
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