Mrs want the garden landscaping?

Your Mrs wants to landscape her lady garden and you're worried about model tanks? Dear god man, have a word with yourself.
Hell no not me, I'm still a young(ish) lad and a top floor flat in York doesn't even have a garden! Plus the g/f keeps her garden exceptionally well maintained ;-) model tanks are either a kids or an older chaps hobby
Jumped in here with both feet expecting tales of minge topiary and all sorts.
There was once an outstanding thread on Arrse: Arrsers favourite box admin.
Talking of favourites, mine was most definitely the Brazilian. I snigger every time the word's mentioned.
Wrong place, I forgot the hobbies/militaria section was there! my fault, feel free to move/remove and I'll consider myself rightly reprimanded! And will promptly start a thread on landscaped lady gardens :winkrazz:


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Can I call you a cunt now?

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