MOD's if this is in wrong place please move to appropriate place. Searched and couldn't find anything so I don't know if there has been any follow up.

Following the death of CSgt Dura in service, there was an uproar that his widow Uma Dura was going to have to leave the United Kingdom.

After hearing this news I wrote to my MP (Darling) and asked if he could find out any information to see if she was getting kicked out of the UK and I have finally had a reply from the Home Office via him saying that they were unable to discuss indiviual cases but it it looking very good.

Quote: "However, from a broader policy point of view, I can say it would not be our practice to refuse an application in such circumstances, and Mrs Dura should be able to remain in the UK."

So good news all around.


Glad that she could stay in UK afterall(after the long battle). But dont really understand why the gurkhas still have to fight for their right. A young lady is widowed and kids have lost their hero, but the fckin* politicians and the Home Office dont understand the value of a soldier laying his life for the sake of the crown.

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