Mrs Thatcher, Mrs Jack Straw 1987 and the Thanet factor

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That nice Mrs Thatcher commissioned an inquiry in 1987 which concluded the allegation about private armies and a planned coup d'etat, against Harold Wilson in the 1970s, were myths, untrue and conspiracy theory.

So imagine how the news hit Mrs T that 21 members of Kent Territorial Army had been arrested, by Kent's finest, for their activity within a private army (The private armies that had just been declared mythical)

Imagine too Mrs T's horror to hear that allegedly forged UDR enlistment documentation and ID cards seemed to be a prospective Kent's finest line of inquiry.

Mrs T (Razor sharp memory) "But isn't Thanet where that tory cllr was convicted of forging documents. A Cyril Hoser"

Imagine too her horror as she was told that the land used for private armies (there being no evidence the activity was exclusive to the group the TA men joined) was suspected to belong to a tory county cllr.

Maybe Mrs T thought "is it something the ruddy FRU are up to" but it seems not.

At the time high flying MOD civil servant Mrs Jack Straw was busying herself saving money by privatizing barracks security. And some say calculating savings by reducing soldier egg intake. Ration budget ration security. A genius.

So imagine the Sir Humphrey of the day breezing in

"Good morning Prime Minister. There is news from East Kent. Complaints arising from the arrests case about Deal Barracks security and security history"

Mrs T "Is there anything of concern in the history vis a vis mythical private armies ?"

Sir Humphrey "Well there is the matter of a very funny fellow called James Shortt"
Look mate, as an ex Bootneck I appreciate your feelings towards Deal barracks and the bombing of the bandsmen but....

You need help. Seriously, you have an obsession that needs sorting out. Have a chat with your Doctor eh.

The machine gun belt fed approach to sharing information about Deal isn't doing you any favours.
I was reminded last night about the "Ignore" feature so thoughtfully providedby this site.I am off now to put BB on my list.
It's the only way people!
Regretfully I find these threads about Kent police as mystifying as those about India in respect of relevance to this site. Although without the humour.
I do recall along time ago that Private Eye went banging on alone about dodgy dealings by some 'friends up North'. It was proved correct when they (the friends) were convicted. I hope that this isn't a similar case or my face will be very red.
I was reminded last night about the "Ignore" feature so thoughtfully providedby this site.I am off now to put BB on my list.
It's the only way people!
Good idea, duly ignored
Is it not possible to configure his (BounceBanana's) account such that when he logs in he is 'bounced'* straight into a private version of ARRSE.

*-see what I did there?
Any one know when we get paid this month?
Either the last day of the month or the last day of the month. One or the other. However, you're all going to be paid in commemorative pennies celebrating the birth of a royal baby. It could be worse, you could be being paid in bananas which would be really, really boring.
Was it not a full moon at the beginning of the week? Could explain a lot

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