Mrs Thatcher advised to abandon Liverpool.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 30, 2011.

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  1. I wish that thinking - let's spend money only where it's productive to do so - had perforated the last few years of political thinking.
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  2. Well lets be honest. Liverpool is a shithole and they constantly vote for corrupt Labour politicians who steal from their people.
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  3. The City Centre is quite nice (very good Maritime Museum), but you are right in that they will vote for any old tit wearing a red rosette.
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  4. In this case I rather suspect it was more along the lines of "we're not going to win any votes in Liverpool so lets not spend money there".
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  5. I can feel a requiem mass and a wasteful public enquiry coming on. Millions of pounds to shift the blame elsewhere.
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  6. Oh, well its been about 20 odd years since I have been there, so it may have got a lot better. I used to like the place, but then I saw it for its true colours.
  7. I've only ventured outside of the centre once. It wasn't pretty but it was no worse than any other large city. The centre is excellent, especially in the summer. There are three or four very decent museums there and some good restaurants.
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  8. Not wishing to divert attention from this important debate, but have a look at the advert above for injury lawyers Savas and Savage. have a peek at the smug looking weasels ringpiece pictured. not only does he look like a shifty shirt lifter, he needs a bloody good shave. Idle git.

    Anyway, back to Liverpool. The university is very good, my daughter did her LLB Hons there a few years ago.
  9. Derek Hatton was interviewed on 5Live last week when they were talking about the forthcoming film. I almost put my foot through the dash of my car. Lord Jesus he's still a bitter lefty ******.
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  10. Liverpool has some good points. The city center has been cleaned up, plenty of historic buildings, 2 big football clubs, an excellent university, plenty of pubs, clubs and restaurants.

    However it does have a lot of shite outside the center, people with a stupid attitude to life where nothing is their fault and they are entitled. But Liverpool is not unique in that.

    Anyhow, voting in a city council that had stated it would bankrupt the city, then blaming bankruptcy on national government was astoundingly stupid.
  11. He went round the city delivering redundancy notices to staff on sick leave and maternity leave.
  12. The bitch also tried to do this:

    Margaret Thatcher sought secret deal with IRA hunger strikers - UK -

    Double faced cow

    In public, the prime minister took an unbending stand, insisting she would not bow to the demands of Republican prisoners held in Northern Ireland’s Maze Prison for so-called “special status”.
    However, the files released by the National Archives in Kew show how her government sent messages to the IRA leadership through a secret intermediary, promising concessions if the hunger strikes were called off.
  13. Interesting. Would Liverpool have ended up like Detroit? Interesting comparison with the relative renewalof Manchester over the last 30 years.