Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tattybadger, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. Mrs TB has vol'd for a tandem parachute jump this Fri - she's getting cold feet and needs some encouragement - words of sp from ARRSERs appreciated!!!!
  2. Once you are floating, open your eyes and enjoy the view - before that just shut your eyes, grit your teeth and let the bloke you are strapped to do all the work. :D
  3. It's that bit that I worry about!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Good for her GOOD LUCK!
  5. Don't do it woman!

    Death is invetiable, but at least put it off until old age, unless of course Mr tattybadger wants to turn you in for a younger model and has actually engineered this whole parchute jump thing with a possible candidate for suicide to make the tandem jump with you...........Hmmm have you checked to make sure he hasn't taken out any extra insurance on your life recently? :(
  6. thanks tw*t you rumbled me!!! She's hovering on the you go/no I'll go fence and I reckon she could easily hack it; she just needs some moral sp!!! And some good spelling!!!!!
  7. I enjoyed it (except when he spun round - felt slightly nauseous then) - go for it Mrs B and don't forget to obtain the video
  8. Do it, jumping is possibly the most fun you can have without being expected to cuddle afterwards
  9. Now theres an idea for Mrs Mad :twisted:
  10. I say good drills if you do it, my ex girlfriend used to say women were tougher than men as they had to push a baby out.... fairone, it can't be worse than that can it.