Mrs PotUS is a paddy!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. Ireland must have had a population of about 120million since the 1500's with the amount of claimed US relations.
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  2. Sure so it is, the clue's in the name; Michael O'bama.
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  3. FFS! You can tell that there's an election coming up - he wants the Irish vote. I once had a Chinese-American geezer insist to me that he was Irish. This was in a bar called Tony & Joe's in Washington DC.
  4. They've claimed Baracky is one too. Seems that every President since JFK gets told some tie to Ireland. Only good thing about this is the reaction from the Southies in Baston must be wicked pissed that the Negros in 1600 Penns Ave. are Irish.
  5. Black Irish?
  6. There is a story about an elderly man sitting on a bus across the aisle from a young man with and huge multi-coloured spiky hairstyle. The Elderly man looks for a couple of minutes the the young man gets up and says "Do I upset you old man?" to which the OM replies "about 25 years ago I was serving in the RAF in the far-east when, being drunk, I had sex with a chicken, and I was just wondering if you could possibly be my son?"
    End of conversation and looks.
  7. Did her relative come over because of the Great Fried Chicken Famine or to avoid persecution from the White and Tans?
  8. sure did ya not wonder where he got his name from
    barrrak o' bama
  9. Hang on! all this means is that she is decended from an American! Go back far enough and we were all decended from black people anyway!
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  10. dunno
    i dont think there is such a thing as an american
    they seem to be something else first
    african american
    irish american
    native american
    cuban american
    so the young fellah that knocked her up would have been a w.i.s.p.a.
    a white irish settler prod american
  11. I'm just bemused that almost 90 minutes passed, before what seemed to me to be the most obvious quip, was made.

  12. i had to nip down the supermarket
    i was running out of beer
    and ciggys
  13. Tell her that sipping a Babycham in an O'Neills pub for a photo shoot does not make you of Irish descent.

    Wasn't the bog wog JFK responsible for the idea that being American wasn't good enough; you took pride in being, Afro/Irish/Polish/ insert your voter block here-American. The man was a delusional twat, getting shot was the only career move that could stop him being found out, and his boat skills were none too good, alledgedly.

    I blame Thatcher.