Mrs May - whither (or wither) the Tory Party

I thought it was the other way around.
Happy to be corrected but I believe the overriding post here is that of the PM.
No, she stays PM till a new tory leader is elected but will no longer lead the tory party from tomorrow.
No, she stays PM till a new tory leader is elected but will no longer lead the tory party from tomorrow.
I didn't realise she'd been leading the Tory party the last few years, I thought that was Olly Robbins role
Brexit, or bremain, simply isn't something I care a great deal about - it not a subject that gets my juices flowing.

I voted remain, but not overly enthusiastically, and collectively we've voted to leave - so we should leave - beyond that however I don't really care, though I think anyone thinking that the sunlit uplands await by having a PM who has been sacked from several jobs for dishonesty, or who fails to understand that infact, no, you can't just close parliament and wait for the clock to reach midnight, is likely to be disappointed by the outcome.
"Sacked from several jobs"?

Inventing a quote from his godfather & trying to cover up an affair are hardly hanging offences.

Rory isn't a Tory; he's a liberal & Gove is a backstabbing snake.
Either as PM would finish the Conservative Party (If you want dishonesty, the party name is itself a lie these days, as it's certainly NOT "conservative" in its political direction & hasn't been for the best part of three decades).
How do you manage to get invited to partake in political surveys?

Many, many years ago I signed up with YouGov and only ever got invited to answer brand recognition and marketing questions such as where did I shop and what coffee did I drink and all sorts of boring and pointless shit like that. I never did get asked anything important so eventually chinned it off.

I was hot news for yougov when my profile said Master's degree, Sun reader, white, married to black, Labour member wavering, union, nationalist English, drives a van, reads Classics.... ticking the boxes.

As I approached the £50 they cut me off.
Baggy's dead, it's Acid Reign now. The dull, permasending titwank.
And will soon be going on ignore like the rest of the fvckwit's personas.
Stewart for Remain out and out even though he was saying on Peston last night that the only way to solve the Tory Party problems is to do Brexit and the only way to do Brexit is to sign up to May's WA - FFS can he not read the results!
Hunt - professional politician who will do whatever the prevailing wind tells him to. Not really one for consistency
Gove - slimy, backstabbing and disloyal - and those are his good points!

I take it therefore that you are basically a Remainer and will be happy to see Brexit fail, as it will with the candidates you espouse.

FFS...just look at the gormless f...wit. By the way, you forgot useless.


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That's needlessly insulting. When has a titwank bored you half as much as baggy?
Shurley the point of a tit-w@nk is there is no boring at all!

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