Mrs May - whither (or wither) the Tory Party


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She did resign for Mays mistakes
No, she resigned about Windrush although it afterwards transpired that she had been lied to by her CS.

Your cheap shot landed in the rough.
The answer lies in brand equity. If you're officially 'Labour' or 'Conservative', you're guaranteed a chunk of the vote. That's what MPs are afraid of walking away from, which is why there's not been a Labour split and why there probably won't be a Conservative split.

My money is that the next couple of elections will be same old same old, which tries the respective tribal loyalties to the limit, which will then be followed by an election which turns all the old assumptions on their respective heads, at which point, the said brand equity will have been cashed in and all bets will be off.
Could be right. I like describing it as 'brand equity'.
I prefer to look at the future. Obviously with an understanding of the past.
I put it to you that you don’t. You look at the future according to how you would like to be seen to prefer it and, filter out aspects of the past in order to justify it to yourself, and others.
Bit of a swing growing. Vote UKIP, get Corbyn?

That tired old drivel gets trotted out by the hard of thinking on a regular basis, conveniently ignoring the large number of Labour supporters who turned to UKIP prior to 2017.
TBH I don't care, as the Tories are just another bunch of left of centre liberals these days.
Not so much Labour going up as Conservatives going down.
UKIP up 5%.
And the same poll, but among leavers only, show May going down by 10%.
yes but look at the source of the poll

¨the latest Opinium poll for the Observer

rubbish. none of the standard polls get it right but an opinion poll from the guardian sister rag, the observer is worth nothing. It´s just more propaganda.


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If Mrs May has lost the DUP then her majority comes down to 3 I believe. She has also lost a lot of her own party back bencher support plus five of her cabinet who could go at any minute. She is basically running on empty.

Does the gliteratti of Arrse think that HMQ would be within her rights, and indeed doing her job, if she put this to May and asked her to prove she has a government or she would call Corbyn and ask him if he could form a government?
Is it legal to form a government from the opposition, without an election?
Technically yes, I believe. Theoretically we only elect MPs during a general election. We don't have a written constitution and it's only by form and precedent, since only as fast back as Victoria, that the government has been formed as it is now. In the days of George III the Cabinet belonged to the 'executive' branch of government (the king) much as it still does for the US President today.

IIRC she did something similar in 1974 and let Heath struggle on with a minority government when there was a Lib-Lab coalition claiming power. Tony Benn - who was a great constitutional scholar even if a bit barking in terms of his personal politics - was still somewhat miffed about her intervention some 20 years later...

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