Mrs May can sack me If she likes.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Robbeaus, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. Hidden away in business released by the Government yesterday, and I apologise for no linky in advance As it was a TINY announcement that Mr Bodie (erstwhile deposed head of the boarder agency) has won his Industrial Tribunal Case for wrongfull dismissal.
    Ok campers, bearing in mind that Mrs May (The Home Secreatry) was asked to settle the matter at the time for a nice reference and £100,000, and had a hissy fit noting that he would get nothing from her, especially a reference.
    So question of the day campers did the Tribunal award Mr Bodie
    A- Nothing (clue not this one)
    B- 10p and his car parking (another clue, nope not his one either)
    C- £225,000, his car parking, his lunch and a super duper reference (clue, as it was not either of the above this leads one to conclude that Mrs. Mays hissy fit was simply that, a woman having a hissy fit, and Mr. Bodie not only gets a nice reference but a shed load of money)

    So given the Governments commitment to austerity this leads to 3 questions;
    1- Should Mrs. May, paid the aforementioned lottery win out of her own pocket? If not
    2- Should Mrs. May loose her job as the Government can't afford to many of her hissy fits? And
    3- Should Mr. Bodie be supplied at Government Expenses with a wheelbarrow to carry away his not a penny from Mrs. May?

    Of course the real question that need an answer is given the Governments paranoia over immigration, and the high profile sacking of Mr. Bodie a long serving extremely effective Government employee, and that his sacking and the manner of his sacking was something the Government was so proud to publicise his sacking? What the fuck is has changed so that the egg all over the governments face is smuggled out on a distraction day?
  2. Good on him. Being told not to worry about checking passports was Theresa Mays idea iirc ? It just fills you with confidence really . I'm sure nothing could possibly happen at the Olympics
  3. I'm jealous, he fucked her over before I had my chance...
  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    It is a damned shame that due to other commitments I cannot make it down to London for the Olympics. With Theresa May in charge I would feel so safe.

    Brodie Clark was and is, a stand-up suit who was stitched like a kipper by fish-faced enemies of the people. I hope the man cops a fortune and retires somewhere poncey like Dorset.
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  5. Brodie Clark is a morale vacuum and a cunt. He should be drowned in a bucket of his own shit.
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  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    You speak as a man with 40 years in the the civil service, much of it in the first division I trust? You speak as someone who fought reptile politicians and did his best for his staff, among swinging cuts and back stabbing bastards? Like Brodie Clark?

    Good. Maybe check your spelling on 'morale'? I am not sure it is correct.
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  7. Surely I can't be the only one who misread this thread as "mrs may can SUCK me if she likes"?
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  8. Correct, you're not the only one. Although, the very thought fills me with dread.
  9. I have always suspected that under Mrs. £225,000 there lies a woman with the most amazing under bits money can buy, who sports herself with a 12inch dildo black to boot. On account that most men prefer to take the lead when it comes to matters of shagging.
  10. How can she sack you? You are an unemployed fuckwit like your Brother Whet!
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  11. Which part would you like me to point out as not being true?

    His damages settlement was agreed in March this year, but neither side disclosed the sum he had received.
    However, the UK Border Agency's annual accounts have now revealed that he was granted £225,000 "without an admission of liability or wrongdoing from either side".

    from: Ex-Border Force chief granted £225k compensation - Russell Jones & Walker

    So - it hasn't just happened, and he hasn't won his case at tribunal, both sides settled 'out of court' without it going to tribunal.

    Personally, I'd suggest more due to lilly livered PR men with the public chequebook not wishing to wash the dirty linen in public again, rather than any conviction that he had a strong case.
  12. Bob if the title needs explaining, then you are more pissed than you realise? So get yourself off to bed before you regale us
    with more of your witisisums?
  13. Have you never heard of a dictionary? It may be useful for your limited intellect......
  14. Getting £225k can be dressed up anyway you like, but I will ask you again should Mr. Bodie get a wheelbarrow to assist him? I only ask as B&Q give pensioners 10%off on a Wednesday and I could get a nice wilkinson sword number to assist?
    Also £225k is rather a lot to put down to Mays PMT?