Mrs Chuzu

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Chuzu, Jun 11, 2011.

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  1. Me and er indoors have split up looking for a replacement,
  2. Now, are you looking fopr a replacement, or is she? Perhaps both of you are? What sex is required?
    I think that a job spec should be published.
  3. Perhaps the comma indicated further explanation incoming .... do carry on!
  4. Looking for a woman 16 to 35 manchester area or catterick area.
  5. We all are!
  6. Would you consider part exchange mine is 52 Greek and used to go like the clappers.
    Not a bad cook cleans like there is no tomorrow totally loyal but comes with a Greek temper.
    She is thick as fuc+ which comes in handy now and again.
  7. Get a dog instead.
  8. Whores will work out cheaper.
  9. Does she have a moustache?.....starting to salivate
  10. Alas no clean shaven can not say about below its been a no go area since I was caught playing away shall we say.
  11. Broaden your horizons and come out to the far east.
  12. Well that isn't very specific. You forgot pulse, or is that optional?
  13. stay single its ******* cheaper.
  14. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    And one hopes also incapable of reading the internet.

    Read... Frying pan... Clang... Blues and twos...

  15. Pulse is required but other than that not to fussy