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Mrs Browns Boys


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Watched this last night. Fecking hilarious. There were bits where I was crying with laughter - very squaddie humour and not for those of a gentle disposition.

There was one point where the audience went "Awww" and he (Mammy Brown) turned on the audience and said "I'm a man in a ******* dress fer **** sake!". This series is going to be on my watch list.

Have a look at the website with last night's prog.
I was lucky enough to get hold of tickets to be in the audience when episode 2 was being filmed, the funniest couple of hours I've had for a long time.


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I must be a boring old fart because it didn't do it for me. Paddywackery slapstick. Charlie O'Chaplin with a few feckin's thrown in.

Maybe I'll have tohave a couple or 4 pints and see if the amusement quotient goes up...
Just so you know:

The daughter is his wife
The daughter in law is his daughter
And I think the friend is his mother

Was watching an episode a couple of weeks ago and the camera came in the kicthen window of the set by accident..... deadly ROFL!
Not feckings, buckings! Still FAF though...although being a camp follower for the Fenian Bride over the years may have adjusted my humour receptors!
i generally found it funny, except the phone/taser mix up...done before, not overly hilarious, but I'll watch it again. Kept expecting Grandad to come over all Father Jack for some reason.


Catching up on this on iplayer at the moment,hilarious, for some reason he reminds me of my culchie granny.

Brilliant but... not quite upto father ted iconic status just yet - still the best tv rte seem to have produced in a long time!
Although it does make me laugh, Do you not think some of the jokes are recycled? The hen night/funeral scene is very similar to the Only Fools and Horses sketch when they turn up at the funeral dressed as Batman and Robin. It also seems to have similarities to Father Ted (and I don't mean the word fecking).


Actually when I saw the inflatable giant penis scene it reminded me more of the episode of the office where ricky gervais dances about dressed up as one. But yes it definitely felt 'familiar'

As bigbird67 mentioned earlier, the old man in the chair who doesn't speak much if at all reminds me of father jack and I keep expecting him to come out with random stuff.

The word feck itself doesn't remind me of father ted as it's something I hear used in everyday speak where I live but I can see how an audience in GB would make the connection as father ted is likely their main reference point. the word existed before the show, but can't deny that it popularised the use of it. Perhaps the makers/writers of mrs browns boys should include other random irish exclamations like "boysadear" or "jakers oh!" where they might previously have used feck.

Another thing I think they could improve is the theme music, it's a bit rubbish tbh. I do like the apparent ad libbing in some of the episodes like they've thought of something off the cuff when someone has fluffed something up. Very raw feel to it.

But still funny as!
It was excellent, just bought DVDs off flea bay, and seeing if i can get time to go see one of the shows. Dont care recycled humour or what,all that matters is i found it hilarious :)


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Agree with Scarletto on this one. This has been one of the very few programmes on TV lately to actually raise a titter never mind belly laugh and almost in tears.

Great stuff, but I bet there is some tosser at the Beeb who is trying to ensure it does not have a sequel as it is too 'rough'.

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