Mrs Bliar puts the boot in to Gordo


The face that gives Gordon nightmares (and the rest of us!)
Gordon Brown is braced for more damaging criticism of his leadership after Cherie Blair gave her first interviews since leaving Downing Street to promote her forthcoming memoirs.

Mrs Blair, who was known to have a tempestuous relationship with Mr Brown when he was Chancellor, has expressed her anger and bewilderment at the Labour Party’s slump in the opinion polls.

Mrs Blair, who has brought forward the release of extracts of her memoirs which were not due to be published until October, also argued that her husband should still be Prime Minister as he was more effective than Mr Brown.

The timing of her interview will infuriate supporters of Mr Brown who is facing the most serious political crisis of his short premiership.

Her remarks will threaten to reopen the feud between Mr Brown and Tony Blair which overshadowed their time in government.

It is understood that Mrs Blair is receiving a six figure sum for the interview and serialisation deal with two Rupert Murdoch titles which includes many anecdotes about her 10 years in Downing Street.

Since leaving office last June, Mr Blair is estimated to have earned about £10 million, even though his role as a Middle East peace envoy is unpaid.

He has received an advance of almost £5 million for his memoirs and will be paid a reported £2 million a year as an adviser to Zurich, a Swiss-based financial company.

He has also been signed up by J P Morgan, the US bank, in a part-time post that could bring him an estimated further £2 million a year.

Downing Street aides had been nervous that Mrs Blair would use the memoirs to launch a highly personal attack on Mr Brown. But it seems the interview will inflict the real damage as Mr Blair persuaded his wife to tone down her criticisms in the book.

One Blairite said: “It’s no secret what Cherie thinks of Gordon. She does not think that he can win the election.”

The ideas of a Blairite plot to unseat Mr Brown will be reinforced by the disclosure that Stephen Byers, the former Cabinet minister who was one of Mr Blair’s chief cheerleaders, is also thought to be going public with a newspaper article criticising the government’s 10p tax policy.

Only last month Lord Levy, who was Tony Blair’s personal fundraiser, attacked the Prime Minister’s leadership.

Lord Levy said that Mr Brown did not have the right character to lead the country and that he was “saddened’’ at what Labour has become under Mr Brown.

He also said that Mr Blair did not believe that Mr Brown could ever beat David Cameron in a general election. Mr Blair denied he had ever written off Mr Brown’s election prospects.
Add up the cash.

So much for, 'The Party' of the working classes. Every scandal this mob has been involved in is all about money.

Anyone want to buy a flat ?
Fcuk me, I'd forgotten just how ugly she is. Nothing but a hound dog....... :pukel:

oh and a manipulative scheming cow....

But just for this once. Get the boot in, and harder now! :D
Possibly the only good thing that Tony did was to shag her so that none of us had to.

But boot in hard, and in doing so she will undoubtedly trip up and not only humiliate Gordie but score an own-goal and humiliate herself.
Started money grabbing from day one, using her position to make cash and hasn't stopped, a disgrace as a PM's wife.
Both Norma Major and good old Dennis T were better PM's wives than she could ever be.
And she has the gall to publish and criticise in order to get ahead of Gordon on points, make Tony look better, and never mind that she is helping to bury her party.
Crack on Cherie I am looking forward to the fallout.
Oops, there goes Tony's peerage. Doubt that he could even buy one after this hits the air conditioning.
in_the_cheapseats said:
Fcuk me, I'd forgotten just how ugly she is. Nothing but a hound dog....... :pukel:

oh and a manipulative scheming cow....

But just for this once. Get the boot in, and harder now! :D
I must take issue with you old chap - most unfair on dogs to compare them to Mrs Blair! :twisted:

I have a vivid imagination. But I am at a loss to think of a torture so cruel, unusual and degrading that I would NOT use it on Cherie...
I printed that picture of her out and it's sitting on the mantel-piece keeping the kids away from the fire.....

JoseyWales said:
He is looking at her and thinking, ' Balls and all. ' What a gobbler's gultch !
Naaah. Look at his eyes.... He's thinking..... "I'd kick you to death if I could, you ugly piece of shite"...

Or was that me? :?

Blimey JoseyWales, how can you even think of such a thing.......? :pukel:
Nothing better than being lectured to by socialist millionaires...
Mariner's High Class Bookie Shop

What's finally going to get Gordon out of No 10?

2/1 Labour Party trigger leadership contest
3/1 2010 election
4/1 Confidence vote in Parliament
5/1 Retirement 'on health grounds'
6/1 Labour party declared insolvent in June
7/1 Local undertakers following fatal stroke/heart attack
10/1 Internal coup led by Ken Livingstone
15/1 Resigns as Lee Jasper selected as London Mayoral candidate for 2012
20/1 Seat disappears as Scotland votes to becomes independent
50/1 Assassination by Labour party hit man
80/1 Assassination by Tory party hit man
100/1 Arrested by marines of the US Atlantic Fleet as they pour up the Thames in a UN mission to deliver vital aid to the people of a devastated Britain against the wishes of the British government.
Oh, Jesus H. Christ! :x

I'd forgotten just how much I hate the Wide Mouthed Frog!

Alzheimers just isn't all it's cracked up to be -

- Having to remember something like that is enough to bring on my second heart attack!

But then, on reflection, the fact that she's stiffing that cnut Broon gives me a certain sense of satisfaction - the old adage that thieves always fall out comes to mind... :D :D :D

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