Mrkonjic Grad mass murderers!

Discussion in 'Bosnia/Former Yugoslavia (Op GRAPPLE, Op RESOLUTE)' started by cernunnos, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. With the squeaky clean, it woz all the serbs honest guv, Croatians due to join the EU with their bankrupt economy in July 2013 I wonder why no effort whatsoever has been made to bring the culprits of the Mrkonjic Grad massacre to justice. The victims were civilians, old men women and youths and all ethnic serbs. The town had been taken by a Croatian lead brigade which included bosniac troops armed for the most part with buckshee German ex DDR Kit .

    I didn't much relish standing in that cold freshly opened mass grave and I saw how and where they were held, tortured and killed. It was all medievil stuff!

    The EU can't seem to find a stick big enough to beat the Serbs with, but how can we let the Croats join the EU without them first clearing this up?
  2. The Croats have an interesting history. With reference to the EU, does anything surprise you about that collection of shysters anymore? Assimilation is the modern way of taking over a country.
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  3. There is little objective journalism on the subject and the Serbian posts are mostly a subjective rant. The fact remains that 181 people were brutally and slowly murdered. Now in a Balkan setting that's business as usual. It all happened during the last two days of the 72 day pasting the serbs took from NATO.

    My issue with this is that NATO and the west seem to be hushing it all up. Why?

    Look at the few western articles, largely cropped stubs and dead links now, almost as if someone wanted it all to be forgotten.

  4. One of the mistakes the Serbs made IMHO was to severely limit the access that journalists had and therefore we saw the press report against the Serbs and demonise them. So I think that EU and US politicians were influenced by the press and hence we see the decisions we see today and also the mistake of the EU recognising Kosovo.
  5. I take a different view, the war began when ze Germans recognised their ex Austro Hungarian cousins and WW2 allies-as the state of Croatia- the Chetniks. Basically they, Germany, started the war, they bankrolled the Croatians and armed them with all the DDR crap. That's why the real currency in Croatia was the D mark back then, not the Kuna.

    Now the Germans get twitchy about wars and mass graves, whether they fill them themselves, or just bankroll the crimes. They didn't need the bad press and so the story was supressed. It's still being supressed.
  6. The Serbs fought hard on our side in WW1 and had a very hard war of it. Tito, although a Croat, lead the for the most part Serbian resistance tying up 6 Wehrmacht divisions which Adolph would have rather had elsewhere. Never mind bush warfare stuff, they even had their own airforce.

    The problem is that "jingo sectarian homocidal maniac" has always been a respectable profession throughout the balkans.

    Illyrian slaves were worth much less in Rome, than those from other nations, because they soon started killing your other slaves.
  7. I thought it was the way the serbs were always presented as the ones with all the gear and the plucky little Croats and Muslims were the underdogS. It was always the Serbs with the mandates etc that made everyone's life a misery running convoys in and out of Sarajevo and Gorazde. You rarely saw the Croat nasties who had a fetish for all things SS.
  8. Croats are opportunists. They're fence sitters. Neither here, nor there. So far they've survived and did well out of the recent war. I'm still struggling to come to terms with how a 'slanty' speaks fluent Serbo-Croatian whilst serving you with a smile and corriander fresh in their teeth. That spins me out still.
  9. Sasha,

    Your views here seem oddly at odds with your anti-Serbian ranting and foaming at the mouth on another thread recently.