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Last year I injured my ankle training with the TA. I am due to report to Sandhurst for the Sep 07 (Reg) intake, but I can't be sure if my ankle is healed. My physio has reccommended I get an MRI scan - but the NHS has far more important cases to deal with, and a private leg photo costs >£800.

So - I need the scan done before I can submit any of the fit-for-attendance forms, because I don't fancy a year of my life urined away in Rowallan, then out on me ear as unfit for service. However,
£800 + physios fees are going to cripple a student at the end of his last year at university, and the earliest I could possibly get a scan on the NHS would coincide with my hypothetical retirement.

A question for all the mediccy types - is there any way I can either get the scan done through the army, or any financial assistance with it?

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Some observations if I may. You say your physio has recommended that you have an MRI done. Do you need one or not? I take your point that you are unsure if it has healed or not but if your physio has not said that you must have one, I'm not sure why you say you would need one.

Rowallan Coy was done away with a few years ago. If you get injured at RMAS, they'll treat you for a long as feasibly possible before back-terming you or discharging you to get fit and then come back in again.

Common sense (oops) would dictate that if you got broken on Army time, the Army should be able to help you get fixed. I doubt very much that you'll get financial assistance but its worth pestering your PSAO/Trg Maj to find whether you can get a scan done courtesy of the firm but I refer you back to my original question; do you need it or not?
Well either your ankle has healed and is functional or it isn't. If it feels ok and isn't breaking down then no need for an MRI. If you make noises and complain about pain to your physio, you could well be shooting yourself in the foot....

Officers need to save that one for the trenches.


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Sorry - wasn't clear on that. My physio has told me I need one.

That's what I thought ref being broken on Army time... but I spoke to the C Sgt on return from Catterick and he said "join f*ckin' Bupa."

Thing is Cad - all I can self-diagnose is that it is unreliable - I could run on it, but probably not tab - and the last thing I want to do is end up taking an injury to Sandhurst. There's bugger all point at this stage 'keeping quiet' because I have some time to fix it, if possible - and I don't want to be like any other jack fatherless, coming off a tab for an injury which isn't immediately evident to the DS - I'd rather postpone starting than go and end up with a reputation for falling off tabs for an injury (which is real, but the DS might see as percieved.)

Long and short - Yes, my physio has said I need a scan.
If you injury yourself during phase one or two training (as I did at RMAS) then there is a private agreement in place to put pers through the local BUPA system for rapid diagnosis and treatment - thus preventing loss of pers due to long treatment lines etc.


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Cheers for the advice fellas - just spoken to senior MO at RMAS - they haven't got the resources for it. Thing is I've been off since, and I was only TA at the time of injury - so I'm (rightly) a long way down the list of priorities.
MRI's make lovely pictures. However - what is it going to tell you (for all that lovely cash)?
You had an injury to your ankle. You say it is not reliable. (They can take up to 6 -12 months to heal, depending on injury). The scan will most likely show old damage. This helps you how??
Unless you, or your physio, thinks there is a specific pathology to look for it helps you not. Save your pennies!

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