MRI scan for sh@gged ankle...


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Last year I injured my ankle training with the TA. I am due to report to Sandhurst for the Sep 07 (Reg) intake, but I can't be sure if my ankle is healed. My physio has reccommended I get an MRI scan - but the NHS has far more important cases to deal with, and a private leg photo costs >£800.

So - I need the scan done before I can submit any of the fit-for-attendance forms, because I don't fancy a year of my life urined away in Rowallan, then out on me ear as unfit for service. However,
£800 + physios fees are going to cripple a student at the end of his last year at university, and the earliest I could possibly get a scan on the NHS would coincide with my hypothetical retirement.

A question for all the mediccy types - is there any way I can either get the scan done through the army, or any financial assistance with it?

Ta, Sarnian
Try posting this on the Professionally Qualified forum - the RAMC types tend to hang out there.
ask GP if you can use 'patient choice'. You may have to travel but you might be able to get the scan done quicker outside your LHA

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