MREs For British Troops

This program is being pushed by the folks at Operation AC which in addition to sending air conditioners to US troops do a variety of other projects including MRE's for UK troops. Thought some of you here might be interested.

MREs for UK Troops:

Here is how you do this. Create your login on the Adopt A Service Member page (see black area at left) and then when you are searching for a service member put in the unique ID shown below in the box (24164) and click shop online to get into the Virtual Carebox and you will see the MREs for UK troops listed on the left. Choose it, click on the picture, add to the basket and finish your cart. At the end, you get an email and one goes to the UK commander letting them know you bought them a case of MREs. Hopefully this will start an email correspondence.

All MREs will be shipped to UK troops in Basra. Our troops get them already. The Brits love them so we are doing this because this is what they like. We also will have the ability shortly for you to adopt them individually as they sign up we will put search for UK troops. Anyone interested in getting their UK soldier some combat boots, email me directly and we'll make it happen. (
Nice idea T6, but MRE's (Meals Rejected by Ethiopians) are not really liked by the British, they are something of a novelty though so wouldn't do any harm to send one or two. Just don't send a whole pallet to one guy - morale will be well down the pan.
Oh, I don't know dingerr. I think that most of the bad press for MREs actually come from the American side of the fence.

Most Brits I know, love 'em. Admittedly they wouldn't like to live on them, but they contain all manner of goodies like M&Ms and that Chilli Cheese spread (yum, yum)

AND, as a bonus you can make bombs out of the water heaters.....

I have often stuffed an MRE or two in my kit for a conveniant scoff.
Our rations would be ok if they put the rolled oats back in, cnuts

MREs are quite nice but every day they might get a bit tedious, but MRE bombs are great for morale but no one will get any sleep if we all had them.
MRE's are ace,who said Brits dont like them? Rubbish we rob them off the yanks by the pallet full.They do have a few dodgy menu choices but on the whole they are very popular with us Brits.
The best thing about MREs?

They come in a box of assorted menus...

...would it really be that difficult to do the same with ORP? Lancashire hot pot for three frickin' weeks... :x

Oh, and the jalapeno cheese spread....ummmm...Jalapenos. Great for clearing out compo anacondas.


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"Pound cake" , M&Ms, Captain's Country Chicken yeah fine - but that little bottle of Tabasco sauce in every one....bleaaghh!

MRE's have got better since they were dubbed Meals Rejected by Everyone ( according to US colleagues).....and they do pack down small.

T6 it's a good initiative - I'll take a look at the site. But according to Soldiers Angel (Yurp) things like sunblock ,toiletries and Union Jack tee shirts(!) are also very acceptable.(see Arrse thread here)

(wonder what the 2,000 Poles in AFG miss most - apart from Miss Poland!)

Don Cabra
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