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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tiny_lewis, May 17, 2011.

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  1. Any old n bold here remember the plastic spoon that came in spam MREs packs? Anyone know if they are still issued, or a source of them?

    Mine got half inched some, and could really do with a replacement. Ebay turns up nothing.
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  2. Got one here. It's undistinguished and brown, nothing special. What am I missing?
  3. Ah, but you have one.

    Mine's in my travel brew kit.

    MRE Survival Plastic Spoon-Pack of 12
  4. It's just a spoon ffs?
  5. And we get our paler version in the multi climate rations.
  6. I sense greatness for this thread.
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  7. Who knew the little brown plastic spoon found in MREs was such a find? And there's me, a complete idiot, thrown hundreds away! I was always much more keen to find Jalapeño Cheese for my crackers.
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  8. FFS a fkin thread about a fkin brown plastic spoon? And half-inched oh the tragedy :) , will the age-old Bill Oddie scrooge who manages to become emotionally attached to any old tat, never die off? Maybe they 'll just fade away.

    I want one
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  9. AAGF


    Get yourself a nice titanium racing spork ....
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  10. MaccyD McSlurry. Throw away the fat-based "dairy" product, keep spoon. Job done.
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  11. Ahem...folding nice titanium racing spork**cough*
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  12. Most cash and carrys' will sell you 200 at a time. I did wonder if you meant the US issue tin-opener with a little spoon stamped into it.

    Racing spoons should be crafted by the warrior who is to bear it, not found in an MRE, as if by accident.
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  13. After breaking a few plastic sporks I invested in a Triple Aught Designs titanium folding spork with a built in tin opener.

    Truly "The Spork of Kings."
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  14. Listen to this..

    "The Titanium Light My Fire Racing Spork What a racing spoon!!" "New Pollished Design" sic

    The same great design except now made of Titanium which has got to be the hardest alloy known to man.

    It's non corrosive and non-magnetic, it's Hypoallergenic and is a must for any discerning customer. (Oh good that's alright then)

    Go on you know you want one, it's the ultimate piece of "Shiney Kit". And at the ultimate price of £12.00 by the way.

    it's just a fkin spork????
  15. ah but do you want the folding titanium spork
    or the titanium wire handle spork saving valuable grams?