MRE Experiment

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Stayangry, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. Stayangry

    Stayangry Clanker

    Hi there,

    I have been experimenting with MREs - the notorious US forces' ration - and have made three short film clips of my observations.

    You can find the clips on my new You Tube Channel


    PS: The biggest criticism I have is that, although instant coffee is provided, the MRE does not contain any means of making tea, a serious shortcoming. War with tea is bad enough. War without tea is ... bloody awful.
  2. the_wolf

    the_wolf War Hero

    You look like a student in which case get a job!!

    In any case the only things MRE's are fun for is the cooker
  3. CQMS


    MRE's aren't all bad, I think you are trying too hard.
  4. royaly_royaly

    royaly_royaly Clanker

    The best bit by far was when you pointed out that "this is your first time with an american".... Classic entertainment!
  5. spaz

    spaz On ROPS On ROPs

    I managed to watch your first video for 1:40 before the desire to kick your cunt in became too great and I had to turn it off.

    Please go away and never post again.
  6. Stayangry

    Stayangry Clanker

    @ The_Wolf

    I look like a student?

    Thanks ... I'm 36!

    I'll put it down to really good skincare ... shall I?
  7. spaz

    spaz On ROPS On ROPs

    36! I had you down as mid forties living with your widowed Mother and in the TA.
  8. royaly_royaly

    royaly_royaly Clanker

    I could not disagree more!!! This man is a gen legend! Please keep posting...
  9. spaz

    spaz On ROPS On ROPs

    No he's not he's a potential Michael Ryan.

    Hey Angry, where do you live? I want to know which town centres I need to avoid.
  10. teaandmedals

    teaandmedals Swinger

    First video declares that 'it is protected from impact'- It's food, not body armour!
  11. royaly_royaly

    royaly_royaly Clanker

    Do one about the effectiveness of ECBA and its ability to with stand multiple hits from .50 rounds from 2 meters..... I wanna see that one!!!
  12. CQMS


    ECBA as a swimming aid, I'd love to see that one.
  13. Meals Refused by Ethiopians, give me babies heads and a decent brewkit
  14. Nice one, is that a Haircut or a Hairstyle you have there?

    In Adventure with MREs - 3 of 3 at 1:05 you eat a chocolate bar and say better than nothing, how very informative.

    Do you have any clips of you eating dog poo next to the motorway?

    Oh and are you constipated?
  15. snowman99

    snowman99 Swinger

    Comedy gold