MRE Bombs

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by roseandpose, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. It saddens me that this pursuit, often but not exclusivly associated with the Int Corps, seems to be going out of fashion, despite an increase in the number of US/UK operations and hence the ready supply of MREs.

    Allow me to explain:

    The Meals Ready to Eat (or other comedy interpreptations of these letters, usually involving malnurished Africans) contain a heating element. With judicious use of a knife, this heating element can be removed and crumbled in the hands to form a powder (tee hee).

    The ideal projectile is an empty and dry 2 ltr Coke bottle. Using said knife, make a small round incision in the base of the coke bottle.

    Pour the MRE heater powder into the coke bottle.

    Aim projectile (potential targets include General's tent, HQ, RMP House) using a tripod or other improvised launch rail.

    Pour a small quantity of water (not too much) into the Coke bottle. The mixture will start to effer, efferevs, er......fizz like mad.

    Put lid on bottle.

    Watch in giggling anticipation as the bottle shakes as pressure increases.

    Whoop and cheer successful launch.

    Run and hide.

    Is this procedure familiar to others? Used with great success in Tuzla (Bosnia) in the mid 90's

    Could this be included on Corps Day as an event, with the aiming point being the old codgers in their lunch tent?
  2. or you could kepp the bottle complete
    leave the bottle half full of coke
    then add crumbled heater to coke
    put on lid shake and throw
    watch out for scalding sticky cola

  3. Wouldn't be the first time that an MRE was used to harm troops - and that's just the food.
  4. roseandpose

    Its still a popular sport on Ops, especially with the large amount of plastic water bottles available. The 1 Litre ones work best though-take the MRE heater out of the bag fold and insert into bottle pierce the bottle side/neck and add a little water and screw on the lid. Throw/leave in vicinity of people you want to upset and stand back and observe startled confusion after the resulting explosion :D

    Childish i know but still very funny (even when you are over 40!) :wink:
  5. were you there in sep 05?
  6. Ahem, there is already a small round incision in the bottle, just take the cap off :roll: Obviously you put it back on after adding water...

    Otherwise, won't the gas escape and completely negate the effect you were trying to achieve? i.e, a loud bang and your mates/RMP/LECs covered in hot water and a horrid ash-coloured paste.
  7. There is an exhaustive description of how to make them, together with the mark II, which involves piss, in Operation Certain Death by Damien Lewis.
  8. Yes.
  9. Perevodchik:

    You have two choices.

    My favourite is the MRE missile, in which case, yes, you need to make a small incision in the base to let a jet of gas escape and hence provide propulsion.

    The other, suggested in another post, is the MRE IED, in which case the bottle is completely sealed, thrown, and after a period of time the container can no longer stand the pressure and therefore explodes.

    Either is good. Both are funny. A tandem attack is spectacular. Why don't Al Jazzera film that?
  10. that narrows it down a bit then :) i was your compatriot in santici (as you prob already realise)
  11. If you just want a BIG bang and not a projectile, empty 2 x MRE heaters into a small 250ml bottle (Panda cola etc from a horror bag). Water in top on, a quick shake and throw.
  12. Good one roseandpose, that way you could set some on rails, a la Mujahideen rockets and lob a few as well for that tandem attack look.

    FNUSNU, you're the boy who stuck matches and tin foil behing your SLR sear aren't you? :)
  13. How time must fly with you boys
  14. Patently, otherwise you'd be somewhere else, wouldn't you?.......