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You seem to know what you are talking about, pretty clued up an stuff.

Photos below are of a raised bed in our garden, originally done with Railway sleepers (not by me)
After 10 years the railway sleepers started looking a bit manky, so I used a load of bits of hardwood decking to kind of mask it, did a good job to be fair ;-);-)

Can you suggest a better way for me to fit the top parts which are bit shite looking, I want to lose the gaps, and a tool I could use to cut the wood to fit that won't View attachment 420617View attachment 420618cost a feckin arm and a leg.

Haven't forgotten the photo guide, just haven't found a moment to do it
Be careful when buying cheap chopsaws, I bought the Screwfix one it's bloody crap. The blade is supposed to do any material which it does, badly. The clamp vibrates loose, the fence goes out of alignment.

I would do that job with a table saw and a clip on fence.

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I too bought a chopsaw from screwfix - can't remember the brand but not the cheapest, nor the most expensive. A kitchen fitter who was installing our kitchen at the time - we were renovating another house - gave me a tip. Pay very careful attention to setting it up and alignment. He lent me a number of hardwood blocks cut at various angles (45, 22.5, 30, 60 degrees etc) that he uses to calibrate the alignment on his saw. Never go by the scale on the tool. Even his saw is realigned once a month.

BTW the kitchen he installed is fab and the skirting I had to install is pretty damn good too. Especially considering that a good many of the corners in the rooms weren't a true 90 degrees
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