MRAPs not worth it US says....

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Yeoman_dai, Aug 2, 2012.

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  1. The MRAP Boondoggle | Foreign Affairs

    Premise - The recent apparent MRAP success was due more to outside factors than the greater armour protection, and medium armoured vehicles provided just as much help for half the cost.

    Anyone who's used them on ops care to comment?
  2. As I'm not clued up on what the yanks call their wagons, I'm just goin to guess that MRAP is their version on mastiff? If that's the case the warm fuzzy feeling you get just climbing in is worth every penny. Given the choice between mastiff or husky and something like an up armoured Humvee or snatch, I'm taking the big dog every time.
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  3. Personally...I wouldn't drive around the Green Zone or on fixed routes in anything less. One of our Coy HQ Huskys hit an IED and apart from blast induced deafness the crew were ok.
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    MRAP is the acronym for a group of vehs, it stands for Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected.
    The Buffalos, Cougars & Mastiffs all look very similar to the SADF Casspir (and therefore the SWATF Wolf Turbo) but hardly surprising as form follows function - plus Dr. Joynt who designed them, had also designed the Buffel & Casspir.
  5. Can anyone help with this...

    I visited Graffenwehr in 2007(ish) and there was a Buffalo in a MT park there... but I am absolutly sure that the same vehicle (type if not actual) was in that MT park way back in 1996/7. Does anyone know of a vehicle that could be mistaken for the Buffalo, that could have been seen in the 90's?
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    MRAP Buffalo or SADF Buffel ?
  7. I know not. Not the buffel on wiki.

    I described it to a chap in NI (def 1998) as a 'Narrow boat on wheels' when describing the rear, complete with ladder. It had the arm too.
  8. I am inclined to agree with the article that the DoD's numbers are suspect and that not everybody needs a MRAP. However, the title overstates the case and as the article admits, there are times when a MRAP is enormously valuable.
  9. MRAP - Mine Resistent Ambush Protected.

    It is a pretty good vehicle, and incorporates many technologies to protect against IEDs. However, it was one of the first generation vehicles purpose built to protect against the IED, it doesn't incorporate some of the latest technologies of the latest vehicles. One of its biggest negatives is that the crew compartment has windows, which although armoured glass, does compromise the overal integrity of the vehicle.

    MRAPs were also taken on by massive EFPs, for which there is little appreciable defence.

    The EOD version is mounted with a fantastic camera system. This is mounted on a 5m mast and produces excellent clarity, even in a fully zoomed mode. It allowed me to survey a 100m manual approach route and identify areas of groundsign interest, an absolutely brilliant piece of kit with many uses. It cost $1 million a pop. Fortunately some bean counters and commanders felt it far cheaper to sacrifice EOD operators.
  10. $600k sounds reasonable to me.

    Suppose one of the main drawbacks though is the loss of tactical mobility, that increases the chances of getting hit
  11. That's just the yank version of a Bedford wendyhouse in NI.
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  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Though this was a step in the correct direction, if dual-purpose.

    In the same way as there is no such device as a bullet proof vest nor a round that cannot be stopped, the same applies to IEDs and especially EFPs. Terry is a very canny man & if we beef the vehs up, he'll increase the MC.
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  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Here you go:

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  14. Like you say, it takes very little to double the MC. Mastiff still has not been penetrated though, but it has been seperated along its sacrificial joint (but then that was a huge charge).