Mr vice....anyone know what I'm supposed to do??

I've been selected...voluntold that I'm going to be mr vice at a Regt dinner next month...anybody willing to tell me what I'm supposed to be doing???
Check one of hundreds of threads devoted to this subject on the seniors' and officers' forums... Search bar is your friend!
Best check with you PMC what is expected of you. My own experiences of it where, recite grace (in absence of Padre present) and make appropriate toast/toasts upon prompt from PMC.
At the end of the night you are expected to owe the mess at least 1 bottle of port, best Mr Vice I have seen got 7 bottles. And I think you should owe a bottle just for not been able to post in the right thread. What has Mr Vice got to do with the QM's
1. Assemble the mess. Get the diners out of the anti room, get them in front of the right seats, sort out with the stewards any stuff ups in seats. Close (used to be lock) the door, walk to your seat, band on the table and announce "the mess is assembled"

2. Do one toast.

3. Entertain the junior guests after the meal, whilst the President entertains the senior guests. Usually jokes or games.

4. The real job is to step in and handle stuff ups, utilizing the dining staff. Could be drunken members, fights (really), too many diners for seats, people in the wrong seat, people who go missing, asleep under the table etc. You are the dining presidents right hand man ( although you are seated a long way from him) and your job is to help make the diner a success.

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