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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Manley, Aug 21, 2011.

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  1. Looks like Mr Speaker is about to dump Mrs Speaker for speaking too much, seems Slutty Sally is bragging about taking El Squeaker for a dirty weekend that left him breathless in order to persuade him to let her go Big Brothering. What cum skip the girl is.
  2. You make it sound like a bad thing.

    I am sure if Mrs Manley took you away for a weekend and screwed your brains out for something she wanted you wouldn't complain.
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  3. I love Big Brother. It removes significant quantities of mongs from the productive flow:

    Those that go on the show.
    Those that form an ecosystem of apparently newsworthy shite that surrounds the show.
    Those that watch the show.

    It's a win-win situation.
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  4. She married lucky, if you can put it that way, by marrying an MP, if she hadn't, she'd be living in a 20th floor flat in Bermondsey with half a dozen light brown children.
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  5. If only we could work Zyklon B into the cycle somewhere. Like chlorine in the swimming-pool of life.
  6. I saw the Neil Hamilton and his wife on television who, without the slightest scintilla of irony, berated her for alegedly 'bringing the office of the Speaker' into disrepute'! They could not, of course offer any concrete example of how exactly she had managed to achieve what they allege. One gained the distinct impression that she had done rather better for herself than the Hamilitons!

    I do not know a great deal about Sally Bercoe. However, she appears to be is intelligent, articulate and reasonably attractive. She has a bit of 'go' about her. Unlike the Hamiltons, she carries no 'taint' of scandal or corruption She can string a sentence together, she is independently-minded and appears on the cusp of carving out a media career for herself. The life of a politician is transient and uncertain beyond his elected term of office and the future may see her as the family breadwinner.

    Good luck to the girl. I hope she does well!
  7. Iolis, I could agree with you in part were it not for the fact that Mrs B has been quoted as saying that her reason, in part, for joining this freak show is to "stick two fingers up to the establishment". When you live at the expense of that "establishment" it has a rather hollow ring as a battle cry.
  8. She can pretty do and say what she want's (and is doing). To be fair it's pretty small fry compared to what some MP's have been up to let alone their partners, anyone else want's to shit on a Libdem MP?
  9. She is not employed by the establishment. She draws no Parliamentary salary. She claims no Parliamentary Expenses. Her connection to the establishment is rather tenuous. She no more determines the choice of her husband's career than that of the average Army wife who 'follows the drum'. I rather hope she does stick two fingers up at the establishment who have been sticking rather more up the backsides of the public for far too many years!
  10. She looks to me like a complete attention whore. Until Bercow got the speaker's job, who had heard of her?

    That aside, if she loves him surely she would be slightly more discreet? She is another Cherry Bair, albeit better looking, which isn't hard. I never thought I'd feel pity for a politician, but Mr Bercow actually has my sympathy. I can't help feeling that many MPs on both sides must be thinking;

    'Poor sod, out of his depth jobwise, able to supplement his earnings in panto season as Dopey, and married the most out of control attention seeker since Liberace.'
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  11. That's all true...but.....she wouldn't be in there if she wasn't married to who she is married to....
  12. Perhaps Mr John B should get together with Mrs Jaquie Smith?
    And then Mrs B can shack up with Mr Smith and watch a few porn films together!
  13. 'Attention whore' is little more than a subjective label that may be attached to anyone with a profile in the media. Until Bercoe got the speakers job, who had heard of him? I fail to see what she has to be discreet about? The difficulty with politicians is that they believe that an electoral victory and an unsackable job for five years gives them dominion over everyone else's life. Mrs Bercoe has her own life which she appears intent on living for herself. Long may she do so.
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  14. The woman gets my hackles up - and now that she's sold the last of her dignity for a shot at 'reality'-telly fame she deserves to be flayed alive with a butter-knife liberally coated with Tobasco sauce. The boney-arsed bint.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    If she derives not a scrap of benefit from her husband's job then you have a point, if she does, then you're talking complete rocks. Hands up who thinks we'd have heard of Sally if she hadn't shacked up with Stumpy?
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