Mr Speaker Martin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. With all the interest in this man,provided by the meia recently,I was interested to note that various Liabor hats have leapt to his defence(eg La Beckett).They seem to be trying to say that those who criticise this man,are doing so because of his humble background,rather than how he does(or not) his job.

    Is snobbery the new racism???!!! Liabor seem to be indicating that it is!
  2. I understand he has gone very quiet. I currently have ten bob in my pocket and my arrse hanging out of my trousers.

    He can 'Speaker' to me anytime.
  3. Most people dislike him because he is a bully.
  4. Its time this leeching individual was no longer speaker, he has devalued the role, and lost the trust of the population in Parliamentary Democracy. He has allowed the word Democracy to be so misused. The position of speaker is supposed to be one of neutrality from party lines, he has singularly failed to be impartial in any of his actions.

    The rewriting of the Hansard record last month shows the lengths to which this individual will alter the record of parliamentary debate. His inept manner has allowed PMQ's to become Opposition Leaders Questions led by the Right Honourable Cyclops, the person who is supposed to be answering questions fromall parties.

    Speaker Martin, Return you and yours to your expansive Gorbals Palace, we dont need your type of service in Westminster. I fear he has lost all his socialist principles, except for the one about Noses in Troughs!
  5. Ah Gorbals Mick.
    Memory says the 'Tradition' was for a Government Speaker to be followed by a Opposition Speaker.
    Dear Tone changed that and followed the well respected Betty Boothroyd with Gorbals Mick.
    For those unaware I Detest Blur above ALL.
  6. Tradition was that the Speaker should be highly respected - Gorbals Mick failed on that issue.

    Should have a reputation for being fair minded - failed.

    Should be of an independant nature - failed.

    Above reproach - failed.

    Should be a good representative for Paliament - failed

    Should be lucid, quick witted and eloquent - failed

    All these failings were well known before he was selected. It is part of the ongoing Liabour process of undermining and discrediting anything of a traditional and respected nature in Britain. Break everything - before rebuilding in the new image
  7. Strange that Tony Ben was on TV this morning to give an impartial view ………. On one of his own. That will be the truth then!

    Time for a new Guy Fawkes because the whole of Westminster is on some mad gray train while destroying the rest of the country.

    No I am not just a labour basher, they are ALL the same :x
  8. It's time for an audit of all their expenses and rules - by the police. They all have their snouts in the trough. It does seem that practices that would result in dismissal for most of us mere mortals, are considered perfectly normal if you are an MP.
  9. Bunch of freeloading, moneygrabbing barstewards the lot of them
  10. I personally think that 'gorbals mick' should be sacked due to the fact he himself is meant to be looking into exessive expense claims, and then low and behold he and his wife are found to be on the take. I remember when laibour before they came into power said they were going to get rid of sleeze. Now is it meor are laiour now into more sleeze than any other party. Its a great shame that Gordon Broone could not make his mind up about calling an election. I suppose he wants his time in the office that he wanted for the 10 years or so under Blair, We the electorate and the country are suffering under this Goverment.

    Any hacks/ politicians reading this, Is this not time that there should be a vote of no confidence raised against Brown and is goverment and an election called to get rid of these money grabbing over taxing w@nkers!!!

    Rant over

  11. Check out this link.
  12. I'm no labour fan, but one thing I can say about Tony Benn is that he is no fan of sleaze and probably the most principled MP we have. Yes I know he's wrong about things most of the time but he's never been one to stick his nose in the trough!

    An impartial view from Tony Benn will be by some margin the most impartial view you are likely to get from any MP as he's no fan of New Labour!
  13. I'd add Kate Hoey and Gwyneth Dunwoody to that (very short) list. Any other nominations? So, not even one percent of our 'elected representatives' are thought to have a shred of integrity or moral principle. Is this news?
  15. That waste of a skin Spellar was lined up to defend Gorbals Mick on the radio this morning. He claimed no-one outside of the Westminster Village Media circus had any interest in the issue and there was nothing wrong with MP's allowances at all.

    It was then pointed out that Spellor has been appointed by Gorbals Mick to do an "independant review" of MP's allowances.

    You just couldn't make it up.