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I know there was football on last night but did anyone see this prog - Ulrika presents UK's most eligible man - one Lance Gerard Wright - who has to pick his ideal partner from 15 women....

Lance is a former army officer (Coldstream Guards sprang to mind) whose last army role was as Prince Anddrew's equerry.


2nd Bn The Royal Anglian Regiment.

My girlfriend thought he came across very well. She doesn't know him.
Yes I saw it.  Interesting!  
He did come across well and he was quite dashing but his ego must be getting pretty big.  Having all these women screaming with excitement with the possibility that he 'might' choose them.  
I suspect there's an element of attention seeking in some of the women.  They seem like attractive women for the most part.  Why go on a show to meet a bloke.  Get a life!
I'll be keeping a close eye on that one.


War Hero
I suspect for a great deal of publicity to launch their panto/singing/modelling/weather girl careers.  Or maybe i am too sceptical
All above are correct.  The girls were very attractive, so I'm lost at why they haven't a boyfriend already, unless they are using this media opportunity to launch their  'I wanna be famous' careers (but famous for what?).

The bloke comes across okay, the type who'd be a good drinking partner, on the lash, copping off.   So I can't see the reason why he's having problems pulling, unless he's picking some stuck up, shallow, money grabbing so-and-so's.  He needs to come up North, were the women are women, and they love a good night out.  He'd easily find a girlfriend up here.   :D
lol - I'm not sure G_H, that Lance might not find the lasses from your location a little.........independent!! From what I remember, they weren't exactly the 'little women at home' types! Mind you, if you like your women confident, sassy, sexy and up for a laugh, then the North is a good place to be.

Is it just me, buy why do I keep coming across single people (of both genders) who are really nice, attractive people, who just can't seem to find a partner? Why is it so difficult? Answers on a postcard please...
Not been able to watch it, mainly due to the Forlani lookalike muttering "Slappers" under her breath with monotonous regularity throughout.... :(

My belief is that society has changed so much over the last 10-15 years.  Men and women now find it easier to live a single life, and just enjoy loveless flings at the weekend.  There just doesn't seem to be any commitment anymore.  Most of my friends are either splitting up, divorced, or have 'problems', or each like to go out separately and 'have a fling' now and again.  On a Saturday night, you just wouldn't believe the amount of women I talk to who are married or in a relationship, who don't think twice about 'copping off' on a night out.   And that doesn't seem to be restricted to under 30's, I met a lovely lady last month, 43 years of age, who had three kids and a hubbie, but she said she had a boring sex life, hence was all dressed up an rearing to go.  I spotted her later on in the night club with a young man.'re still in luuuurve with "Alison", so what were you doing out on the trap?

I know the guy who followed on from Lancey-boy, so I'll have to get the gen.
Interesting answer G_H. I wonder if people are under the illusion that 'copping off' when the opportunity becomes available, is easier than confronting the issue that is creating the empty area in their relationship - very probably, knowing human nature - always take the easiest route or the one that gives instant gratification.

Why are people so morally idle and emotionally undeveloped? I suppose it's all connected with how much easier our lives are now compared to 50 - 100 years ago. A friend of mine suggested that there is no moral imperative to not have affairs, so people do it knowing if they get caught, they will get away with it.
Quote:  'A friend of mine suggested that there is no moral imperative to not have affairs, so people do it knowing if they get caught, they will get away with it.'

Exactly what I mean.  I'm not saying it's the right thing, and indeed I look upon it as disgusting, and it's something I've never really tolerated with my friends, as I've been cheated on before.  The thought of a married/in a relationship person going out and been trusted by their partner, and then 'copping off' irritates the sh1t out of me.

Nowadays, morals, attitudes and fashions have changed, and from a male perceptive, girls tend to find it easier to 'pick up' men (please don't take that wording incorrectly).  Ladies on a night out in Manchester wear hardly anything, look good and generally have a rowdy time.  I doesn't matter whether they are overweight, thin, got one leg or a parrot on their shoulder, they will 'cop' easily.  My friend summed it up by saying she finds it far easier in her 30's to have a one night stand on a Saturday night, then to have all the baggage that accompanies a relationship.  And I can see her point.  She is well paid, has her own house/car, and is quite independent.

But, there are still the few out there that crave a relationship with a person who is sincere, honest and reliable (not in that order).  As my friend says, 'A good man is hard to find'.

Trust is a big word in a relationship.

PS - Who wouldn't love Alison if they actually seen her and spoke to her ? ;D

CCCCrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! ;D
1. Good points well made G_H

2 Doesn't an unremitting diet of one night stands get boring? It wouldn't even be so bad if you could guarantee consistently brilliant sex - but how likely is that?!

3. Who is Alison?!
"Alison" is a floppy-jock which immediately makes her inferior to the twin-engined master-race. Ergo it would be a crime against the torqe-monster to even contemplate diluting the gene pool. G-H is infatuated with the said en-plastique driver because he once saw the light and passed by the glorious 1 Regt when she was at Gut (or the Emerald toilet or wherever).

My only crime here is to like the only woman pilot (either AAC/Army/RAF, etc) who was actually nice looking and you could also have a conversation with..


Soz about my rattling about that word 'Love'.  Your obviously Mr Love-a-dubba !!  ;D


My diet of sex consists of the odd romp every one to two months.   Nothing special or untoward in life.  Now, whilst serving, that's another story, with as many one night stands as I could handle.  Nowadays, girlies don't seem to wanna go with a mid 30's bloke (even though I still have a head of hair, but minus a six pack, but hey, who looks at a six pack when your under the sheets??).   Any volunteers? ???
I didn't think it was a "conversation" you wanted with her?  ;D
....and here was me wondering who new female member "Ali" is............

When are we going to see new member "SexKittenJools"?
ptp when are you going to stop ranting about that troll with a face like a pan of soup?

As I said on the other thread Alison is a fat girls name, similar to Margerat & Helen ;D

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