Mr Putin and Hamas

tomahawk6 said:

Not surprising that France and Russia would take this tack by recognizing Hamas. The author does have a good point that Putin wont meet with the Chechen rebels and takes umbrage when others meet with the Chechen rebel leaders, but has no problem meeting with Hamas.

Putin, I think, would not have been quite so quick to extend a welcome to the Chechen rebels he considers to be terrorists, but the murderers of Jews are apparently a different matter.
The author is not well informed. After 1st Chechen was the agreement was signed - Chechnya was de facto independent. Solution about final status was postponed. After 'free' elections mr.Maskhadov became a president. He appointed Shamil Basayev (future planner of Beslan) as a prime minister. But he was a terrorist. He captured a hospital in Budyonovsk with 5000 hostages (including pregnant women). Many were killed.

In 1999 there was a series of explosions in house-blocks in Moscow - hundreds were killed. I live about 900m from a house (17-storey) that was planned to blow up. Thousands of Chechen militants crossed the border of Chechnya and attacked Dagestan.

Morale: if you violate agreements then further negotiations are impossible.

As I 'm aware there was no any agreement between Hamas and Israel. As to 'murderers of Jews' then heroic IDF kill Palestinians on daily (or weekly) basis.

Israel Defense Force soldiers fatally shot a 25-year-old Gaza woman near the border with Israel, where the Kissufim crossing used to be.

According to Palestinian sources, she was several hundred meters away from the barrier. IDF sources, however, said soldiers identified "movement of suspicious figures 50 meters from the fence."
But anyway she was on Palestinian land and was killed as a beast in a cage.

Two weeks ago a 10-year-old girl was killed by IDF fire near the fence surrounding the Gaza Strip, close to Kibbutz Gan Hashlosha in similar circumstances.

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